MSI z490 motherboard enables pcie4.0 graphics card and SSD performance

MSI recently announced that all its z490 motherboards will support pcie4.0 and the upcoming Intel 11th generation Intel processor.


Now, by updating the latest BIOS, MSI z490 motherboard can fully support pcie4.0 graphics card and SSD, with the performance level comparable to z590.


For example, after the BIOS is updated, MSI z490 motherboard can fully support Samsung’s new generation pcie4.0 SSD 980 pro. The SSD has a transmission speed of up to 7000mb / s. How fast is it? You can only feel it when you use it!


So far, micro star has launched 10 kinds of z490 motherboards. Players can download the latest BIOS from the official website of micro star to make their computers keep pace with the times.

Author: Zhang Fan



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