Hotel 35 | it’s like walking into a design hotel surrounded by light and shadow lines and works of art

The unique exhibition space of sanshiwu art house is the treasure storage place left by the artists in the village. The hotel as a whole has a cool minimalist style, exquisite spatial layout, geometric elements and black-and-white contrast. Each place reflects a strong sense of texture and design. With the integration of Oriental elements, the simple space and fine products are very tasteful.

HOTEL 35|仿佛走进光影线条,被艺术品包围的设计感酒店

The 35mm focal length is the most humanistic visual range, and the 3535 art house is the most artistic living space.

This is probably the most special hotel in Lishui. It has a first-class design and is worthy of the name.

The reason why I like the design here is that everything here seems to be low-key and simple, but it is full of exquisite craftsmanship.

Hotel35 is a boutique hotel integrating art, fashion and retro. In addition, there are all kinds of theme rooms for guests to choose from: public room full of girlish heart, leisure and comfortable vacation room, fashion room of fashion nostalgia, warm and lovely parent-child suite. I believe that no matter what kind of guests you are, you can find your favorite room type.

The story in 35 Jiao Duan also contains the possibility of the future. No one can refuse the step of art.

This is also one of the missions of hotel 35-35. But this time, I will take you in another way and go directly to the best experience.

The exhibition hall was born with the breath of the times. Watching the exhibition in the hotel is a ray of light that the artists in the third and fourth tier cities are crushed by life.

Accurate positioning of customers with abundant sunshine and vitality, strong interactive social needs, and high quality of life requirements, presents more young and modern feeling.

HOTEL 35|仿佛走进光影线条,被艺术品包围的设计感酒店

Walk into the reception hall on the first floor, clean the lead and connect with the third floor, making the space full of the power of light.

The gallery on the second floor is a photo exhibition by Wang pan and Gao Peng, which records the deconstruction and reorganization of celadon craftsman’s art. The exhibition can even feel their mood when they are creating.

New “green” young porcelain X photography art joint exhibition;

I prefer the newly added “sunset light”, which has a more artistic style of clocking in than the general online stores. The strong artistic atmosphere on ceramics adds hotel35’s examination of art.

The third floor is connected to the reception hall of the hotel. You can see that 35 flavor tea is a high-profile hospitality. From entering the hall, waiting for the elevator, to walking on the terrace, you will encounter a series of sculptures and paintings.

Every season, different contemporary art collections will be displayed, covering a wide range, including digital art, art installation, sculpture, painting, etc. come here for a night and have a unique art trip.

HOTEL 35|仿佛走进光影线条,被艺术品包围的设计感酒店

The fashion atmosphere left by the 2020 aileyi show has not yet dissipated, as if tall models are still pacing here solo show.

The corner of hotle35 also hides a small bar under the night. In the host quotation of hotle35, there is a saying: “most modern people’s residence in the city is used to” hide “, and hotle35 can be used to” inhabit the heart “, which is very exciting.

“Art” is a phenomenon exaggerated by the world. We ridicule it as abstract and unreasonable, but we always forget that we are an artist, just hiding it.

No matter what angle it is, it’s easy to shoot here, so many people feel that it’s not like Lishui, but another entrance to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

We don’t need to pay the cost of living, and we won’t fall behind in this era.


The combination of luxurious classical British style and modern simple style, gorgeous lighting, leather sofa seats and various retro decorations add a little luxury and romance. It’s said that as long as you can bring the girl, it’s basically OK~

Therefore, it also won the honor of “2020 Ctrip hotel is the most popular online Red punch in Hotel”. Each room of the hotel displays the customized paintings of contemporary artists, which subverts the previous hotel’s mass sales display mode, strictly selects the fashionable home furnishings, and brings you into the characteristic art sleep space from the perspective of vision, touch and taste.

159 rooms & Suites, 2 restaurants + 1 bar, I took a group of friends, rolling here for three days, are reluctant to go

HOTEL 35|仿佛走进光影线条,被艺术品包围的设计感酒店

Silver salt restaurant specializes in creative Western food with Lishui characteristics, and the free buffet in the hotel also plays a role in promoting Lishui food culture.

Hotel35’s exquisite high-end products, considerate service and full of ceremony make people deeply impressed.

If you take a self portrait with elegant night scenery, you can improve your style instantly. If you eat in such a beautiful environment, you will feel too good.

The newly added set space (Chinese restaurant) on the first floor is the first stop of the 2021 renovation plan, which is a surprise to be expected.

I believe you’ve heard a lot about the hard design of its rooms. The specially designed Lishui cultural and creative products occupy all directions. I have to say that they are very “scheming”.

In addition, the hotel also has different art rooms, all kinds of Dior gray, Morandi blue, Yuanqi pink, coral red, different styles are very unique, so that the pursuit of art friends, have unknown surprise.

Exquisite daily necessities can let people put down their whole body and senses become more acute. Simply put down your luggage, you can immediately feel the rain forest style bathing facilities, and then play a soothing music in the evening soft light, wonderful!

March 5 is the brand day of the 35 art house. Because of it, this day has become an art day in Lishui.

HOTEL 35|仿佛走进光影线条,被艺术品包围的设计感酒店

It’s looking for “artists” who fit in with 35 souls. No matter what occupation or role it plays, you know its particularity, that is, its long-time confidant.

No matter how much you say, it’s better to experience it in person. There are still more possibilities that are not found, which are worth leaving traces.



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