Daryou A87 Zijin customized axis keyboard evaluation: sports sense bursting electronic competition peripherals

Daryou’s A87 game mechanical keyboard is a unique one among many mechanical keyboards with cool RGB lighting effect. The black and gray two-color design with light backlight has found a good medicine for the aesthetic fatigue of users. Later, the dreamer, Guiyan and other styles have added some fresh and elegant style to A87.

The daryou A87 Zijin customized axis keyboard that I got today is an improved version of the previous A87 Zijin version. Compared with the original Zijin version, it uses a different axis body and adds backlight. Let’s see how the keyboard experience is.

As a keyboard with purple and gold color, the overall contrast color of A87 keyboard is quite eye-catching. The purple keyboard back is supplemented by a large area of yellow key cap embellishment, which really makes the author, a basketball fan for many years, feel deeply. You know, purple and gold is the theme color of the Lakers. The “keep fighting” label on the right also seems to be interpreting the perseverance of the famous Laker Kobe The spirit of fighting hard. Daryou A87 purple gold version combines the passion of basketball with video games, which should make quite a lot of friends who love basketball hot blooded.

When I hold A87 in my hand, my first feeling is that the mouse is very powerful. I obviously feel that there is a counterweight in it. Dalyou official shows that this keyboard weighs 950g. When placed on the table, the bottom of the three anti-skid pads with their own weight can firmly grasp the table, will not slip, play the game when the mood is high, will not slide because of the lack of keyboard grip, resulting in operational errors. The 87 key design is relatively short and compact. It retains most of the keyboard functions but takes up less space. It is more suitable for use in dormitories or offices than the normal 104 key keyboard.

When installing this keyboard, the usbtypec cable separated from the keyboard is of great interest to the author. The connecting cable can be separated from the main body, which is more convenient to carry. The three outlets can adapt to different positions and store a section of connecting line at the same time. The two-stage tripod can adjust different heights according to the use environment. When adjusting, the spring will make the tripod eject in place and fix well, so it is not easy to slide. This keyboard in the design to pay attention to the details of the use of these aspects is quite happy.

In the dark, the ice blue backlight revealed in the gap between the key cap provides quite effective lighting for use, and at the same time, there is a special mysterious atmosphere on the keyboard with purple and gold color matching. Through the keyboard FN + F1 ~ 12 keys can switch breathing lights, running lights and other backlight modes.

The keyboard adopts a magnetic top cover, which is easy to clean. At the same time, different color styles can be changed according to personal preferences. However, the top cover undertakes the main purple part of the whole keyboard. After the top cover is removed, the large black metal bottom plate of the keyboard suddenly appears, which has a strong sense of violation. The “keep fighting” on the top of the direction key is very dynamic, but I personally think the slogan design would be better if it could be more integrated with the three keyboard indicators.

Unlike the cherry red / Green / tea axis used in the previous A87 purple gold version, this keyboard adopts the special custom daryou purple gold axis and imported high-strength spring to keep excellent consistency in the touch of keys. The addition of gold-plated contacts in the shaft shrapnel can reduce the metal sulfuration, maintain the shaft life in different environments, and make the keyboard as powerful and persistent as the Lakers.

Then comes the play – the feeling of use. In actual use, the purple gold axis of this keyboard is similar to the tea axis, with moderate key strength, good rebound, straight up and down, but a certain sense of paragraph. The silencing silica gel pad and iron panel reduce the noise caused by vibration, and make the sound of keys purer. There will be a pleasant “click” sound when typing, which is not as crisp as the green axis to the extent that it affects people around. The use of a period of time let the author quickly like this feeling. Moreover, compared with the A87 series, the big key position’s hand feel has also been optimized, and the rebound hand feel will be more crisp, so I don’t want to complain about the overall hand feel.

The Zijin axis adjusted by Daer you has good press feedback. The big keys have customized satellite axis and balance bar, which are more stable and will not shake when pressing. However, compared with other keys, the sound of the big keys will be slightly lower. The keyboard cap is made of PBT material, which has a slight frosting feeling. I really like the feeling of running in with fingers. Two color closed character contrast is obvious, very easy to identify, has a very comfortable visual effect, thermal sublimation process characters make the key cap more wear-resistant and durable.

On the basis of the original Zijin axis, Daer you provides users with considerable scalability. A87 keyboard full key support hot swap, and support most of the mechanical axis on the market, you can DIY keyboard according to your preference, I prefer to play some FPS games, some operations need higher sensitivity, so some keys will be replaced by red axis, so in the game and text input process to get a good feeling.

As a game electronic competition keyboard, A87 adopts a full key non impact design, which will not appear key conflict when high-speed input. It is suitable for games with very high operation screen rate, and ensures the stability and accuracy of operation input. As the mouse of purple gold color matching, playing nba2k with A87 purple gold version should have a special enthusiasm.

In general, Daer you A87 purple gold version is a very excellent mechanical keyboard. The unique replaceable magnetic suction cover and hot plug shaft body meet the DIY interests of most players. The customized purple gold shaft has good stability and feel after daryou’s training. Purple and gold colors show the passion of sports, but also let people be attracted by its appearance at first sight. Whether it’s a game or an office, the feel of this keyboard will leave you a very deep impression. With Daer you A960 Zijin version of electronic mouse, it is able to let new partners directly arrange a set of sporty Zijin keyboard and mouse suit. A87 custom axis keyboard will be on sale in dalyou Jingdong and tmall flagship stores from April 25 to April 30 at the same time. The pre-sale price is 399 yuan. In terms of this configuration, the price is more cost-effective. Interested friends can pay attention to it at that time.



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