“Star” comes! Such a good-looking HP limited star favorite powder must be shared

I found a very interesting phenomenon: recommending products to young people who like to constantly explore new things and pursue high-quality life is as challenging as “blind date”. After all, they like to project their interests on their own products, which requires me to understand their “customized” taste orientation first And in the recommended notebook, the best way to “suit the remedy to the case” for the fashionable young people is to send the HP Star Series Limited Star Pet powder book without friends!

Brand new national style design, Xingyi gold color matching, palm wave texture, 4K full screen, powerful performance The HP starspirit series limited pet powder book, which integrates these design dimensions, can not only satisfy the taste needs of “advanced feeling” heavy fans, but also meet the daily application of migrant workers. Now let’s take a look at how this lightweight book has brought in both “appearance value” and “performance”!

International practice, appearance first. Different from the black-and-white and gray notebook on the market, the A-side of HP Xingyi pet pink book adopts the exclusive customized Xingyi gold color, which also contains the Chinese traditional “sandalwood” and “amber” sense. It is a combination of classicality and technology. When light and shadow flow through the body, you can directly feel what is the so-called combination of art and beauty.

Turn over the screen, you will be able to uncover another surprise – HP star favorite powder with a 13.3-inch 4K resolution high-definition screen! This screen has 95% sRGB high color gamut, 550 nit high brightness, hdrready, 84% high screen ratio and other advantages, which means that this 4K screen can restore the true color and bring immersive visual experience. If you need to work in the outdoor sun, it can also clearly present the screen content for you.

The C-side is also full of elements of national style: it etches the classical sea water river teeth pattern, the waves are continuous, and it presents the beautiful state of sparkling under the light and shadow, which is much better than the “cold” design of other products. Sure enough, the national style design is yyds!

They are all migrant workers who work all day long. No one wants to carry out the heavy production tools. HP star favorite powder body is about 16.9mm thin, light to 1.25Kg, no matter you carry it all day! The details of the design is also exquisite in the end, such as the smooth design of the border to replace the hard edges and corners, and the D side is also exquisitely carved, which makes it look softer and feel very comfortable.

If you’ve ever touched the HP Stardust, you can also experience the “commencement ceremony” of opening it with one hand. “Three side one hand opening and closing” seems to be a real design for details. In fact, it also reflects HP’s emphasis on user experience details. It’s really a big factory style.

There are many other exquisite designs, such as the “little heel” design which can help heat dissipation and make typing posture more comfortable, the press fingerprint unlocking function which can quickly wake up the desktop with one click, the adjustable backlight keyboard which can accurately tap the keyboard in both day and night, and the full sound effect B & amp; O professional tuning audio It can be seen that HP star favorite pink body is mini, but the configuration is uppercase Max!

As the “advanced version” for the taste workers, HP Xingyi pet powder version is also in place in terms of performance, and the pile of materials is full! It is equipped with Intel’s new 11th generation core i5-1135g7 processor, adopts 10nm + enhanced technology, willowcove CPU architecture, and has a built-in mx350 integrated display with performance equivalent to the mainstream unique display, which ensures the absolute powerful performance. In terms of capacity and speed, there are 16gddr4-3200mhz dual channel high-capacity memory and 512g high-speed solid-state hard disk. Together with this fierce material, we can easily cope with the “brain opening” of young people anytime and anywhere! AI map recognition, graphic design, 3D rendering, video transcoding, game masterpieces Hewlett Packard’s star favorite powder makes the work and entertainment software run smoothly, enabling workers to create a new world with ease.

In addition, the built-in “huixiaowei intelligent voice assistant” in notebook is another humanized design focusing on user experience, which allows users to search music, weather, news information and other voice human-computer interaction by calling “xiaoxiaoxiaowei”, which is extremely convenient. At the same time, the genuine Windows Office is also pre installed, so you can enter the working state when you start up!

Finally, with 169 hours of long standby time and 30 minutes of charging and 50% fast charging technology, HP star favorite powder can realize the “Grand Slam” of light and thin business ability, and let you work freely and travel easily!

In a word, HP’s star favorite has all-round configuration to deal with multi task work and leisure and entertainment, which is enough to be superior to others in the positioning of “high performance and low cost”, while the brand-new appearance design of national style pushes it to a new dimension of “advanced product”, which is more in line with the diversified taste needs of young people.

At present, this HP star love pink book has participated in hot promotion activities on Suning e-buy platform, with a price of only 5499 yuan, and can get Star Love peripheral gifts, including limited pet pink poster, exclusive Star Love VIP card and environmental love shopping bag. Good price and good gift are all in place, let’s hurry up!

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