Philips electric Xudao breaks new product sales record

As of 14:00 on April 14, the overall sales of Philips’s new skin friendly series S5000 electric whisker knives in Jingdong household appliances broke Philips’s online sales record of single model in a single day. It took only 14 hours to achieve a good result of more than 10000 sales, showing a strong momentum of “new instant explosive products”. Industry insiders said that as a new product jointly created by Jingdong household appliances and Philips after having a deep insight into men’s shaving “skin friendly” demand, this series of products will surely have more brilliant achievements in the market and will become the benchmark of “skin friendly” electric razor category.

飞利浦电须刀破新品销售纪录 京东家电14小时销量破万

In the deep cooperation between the two sides, as a global leading brand of men’s grooming, Philips’s innovation and inheritance for more than 100 years is its enduring core competitiveness. In China, Philips is deeply rooted in the local market, and cooperates with JD appliances to make in-depth layout in the whole scene and channel. Based on the in-depth analysis and mining of Chinese men’s cosmetic needs, Philips drives product design and technology research and development with innovation, so as to bring forth excellent cosmetic products suitable for different consumers. This is the secret of its popularity in the market.

Similarly, with regard to the ever-changing and upgraded market demand, the user comments of JD home appliance show that people’s demand for personal care products has shifted from popular products to high-end quality and personalized products. People’s demand for a better quality life in details is getting higher and higher, which has also contributed to the differentiation and specialization of personal care products. Therefore, we can understand the changing pain points of consumers in real time and grasp the challenges The demand of different groups of people for products is the foundation to promote new consumption and open new markets in the stock market.

In the face of market challenges, as an active promoter of industrial digital transformation, JD appliances has been committed to making the supply side more accurately match and guide consumer demand, and building a bridge between the market, brand production end, user consumption end and the whole industrial chain with cutting-edge technology and digital intelligent supply chain. Through the advantages of the supply chain, together with Philips and other major brands, we can deliver the right products and services to the right consumers at the right time and in the right place, so as to achieve the goal of technology driven and user centered, realizing the knowledge of people, goods, field and time, and forming an efficient and accurate “people goods field” matching in the consumer market.

飞利浦电须刀破新品销售纪录 京东家电14小时销量破万

The cooperation between Jingdong household appliances and Philips is the proof of accurately grasping the market. In addition to the new product with sales volume exceeding ten thousand in three days, in the past 2020, Philips razor has created a lot of sales myths in Jingdong, including two hundred million level products and more than 20 hundred million level products. Nowadays, it is not the ultimate goal of the cooperation between the two sides to achieve a closed-loop only for the purpose of sales. It is essential to continuously realize a virtuous circle of new consumption driven by new demand, make the market sustainable development, and continuously promote the consumption experience and industrial structure upgrading.

To this end, this year, Jingdong home appliances launched the “2021 super rejuvenation plan” and brand co construction market. From the five links of product selection, mind, grass planting, first launch and re marketing, Jingdong home appliances created an integrated whole life cycle marketing operation solution from product selection to cultivation. Under the super Huanxin plan, 100 heavyweight super single products, 1000 new trend products and 10000 new exotic products will launch new products in Jingdong household appliances in the whole year. It is understood that Philips Pro skin series S5000 electric whisker knife is one of the 100 super single products. After the sales start, what kind of momentum will it present on the road of explosive products? It is worth the continuous attention of the whole household appliance industry.

飞利浦电须刀破新品销售纪录 京东家电14小时销量破万



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