Jingdong enterprises open cool Carnival of home appliances to increase the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

With the rapid heating up all over the country, the office space and working environment of enterprises gradually enter the “muggy mode”. In order to make the business environment of home appliance enterprises more comfortable, the three-month Carnival of “home appliance enterprises facing all walks of life” has opened.

京东企业购开启家电清凉狂欢趴 为中小企业加码谋发展

During the activity, Jingdong Household Appliances Co ordinated a large number of high-quality cooling household appliances and popular products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, electric fans and cooling fans, and recommended them to the majority of enterprise users. Whether it’s employees’ heatstroke benefits, real estate hardware decoration, or factory dormitory renovation, there is a discount as low as 50% for enterprise procurement. In addition, Midea’s air-conditioning enterprises returned 500 yuan after purchasing 10000 sets of flats, and small household appliance enterprises bought cool Carnival activities with limited time as low as 50% discount. Enterprise member low price, increase ticket privilege, purchase bill, value-added rights and interests, additional weight free freight, enterprise member day and other multiple super value privileges.

At the same time, in order to reduce the financial pressure of enterprise purchasing, Jingdong enterprise purchasing also provides exclusive accounting period service “enterprise financial purchasing” to enterprise members. This service is an accounting period product provided for high-quality enterprise customers when purchasing in Jingdong. It provides enterprise customers with convenient payment experience of “purchasing first, then repaying”. They can enjoy the exclusive payment of interest free and up to 500000 yuan per week Rights and interests to help small and medium-sized enterprises purchase home appliances to save money, worry and time.

京东企业购开启家电清凉狂欢趴 为中小企业加码谋发展

In addition, in the past, due to the limitation of procurement quantity, it is difficult to realize the customized demand of small and medium-sized enterprises. Relying on the supply chain capacity of Jingdong group, Jingdong enterprise has opened up a B2M enterprise personalized customization platform, grasped the demand of small and medium-sized enterprises, and created a new flexible supply chain ecosystem. On the one hand, it provides a customized ordering platform for users to meet their diversified, personalized and customized commodity trading needs; on the other hand, it provides an intelligent factory platform for factories with flexible production to realize small-scale, batch and intelligent orders entering the downstream production supply chain, and helps factories build a production mode of rapid response, first sale, then production and zero inventory. It not only meets the convenient and low-cost personalized purchasing needs of small and medium-sized enterprises, but also injects new vitality into household appliance manufacturers and household appliance market.

In terms of customer service, in the face of the obvious increase in the demand of commercial customers and enterprise customers, Jingdong enterprise adjusts and upgrades the customer service process, connects all the products to the high-end customer service system of Jingdong household appliances, and provides efficient and fast whole process service solutions for enterprise users through one-to-one exclusive customer service, setting a benchmark for enterprise customer service in the industry.

While providing high-quality working environment for small and medium-sized enterprises with high-quality home appliances and comprehensive services, the idea of Jingdong enterprise purchase platform serving small and medium-sized enterprises has also been upgraded from “ensuring the resumption of work” to “seeking development”. For the small and medium-sized enterprises with weak bargaining power and relatively high procurement cost in the supply chain, Jingdong enterprise purchase takes “fast procurement, light management and one-stop” as the core to build a digital procurement service platform. By digitizing the whole procurement process, it deeply constructs eight core procurement service capabilities – fast selection, fast negotiation, fast signing, fast placing orders, fast payment, fast billing and quick quotation With fast sales and good service, it helps small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve more efficient and accurate procurement, so as to improve procurement efficiency, reduce comprehensive procurement costs, save financial resources, manpower and energy for small and medium-sized enterprises, help small and medium-sized enterprises focus more on their main business, and realize high-quality and steady development of enterprises.



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