Mongolia sandstorm strikes, Jingdong fresh air conditioning builds a shelter for home

The sandstorm from Mongolia had a great impact on North China on April 15, and strong wind and dust weather occurred in Beijing and other places in the afternoon.

Rao Xiaoqin, senior engineer of the Environmental Meteorology Center of the China Meteorological Administration, said that both the intensity of the dust weather and the sand sources of the two dust weather events in March were in Mongolia and the western region of Inner Mongolia, and the background of the occurrence was also caused by the Mongolian cyclone and cold high pressure weather system.

Due to the strong cold air and strong gust wind, the dust process will travel faster and farther to the south, resulting in dust weather in the north of the Yangtze River.

Even in the middle of Inner Mongolia, the north of Shaanxi, the north of Shanxi, the northwest of Hebei and the northwest of Beijing, there will be a large-scale gust of more than 10. The gale weather brought by this process can be said to be the strongest since this spring!

In addition, there will not only be cooling in North China today, but also a particularly unsettled day – lightning, rain, cooling, wind and dust will take turns in the eastern part of North China.

蒙古国沙尘暴来袭 京东新风空调为家里建个避风港

At present, gale and dust have entered Beijing. In the face of extreme dust weather, the Education Commission suggests that schools stop outdoor activities. Avoiding outdoor activities is the simplest way to avoid dust injury. In this extreme dust weather, people’s demand for air health increases sharply. According to the big data and user comments of Jingdong platform, consumers have pain points for “windows can’t be opened for ventilation in dust polluted days” and “air conditioning feels stuffy after being turned on for a long time”. At the same time, clean air, fresh oxygen, temperature and humidity, and intelligent regulation have become the product function points that more and more consumers pay attention to. Since 2020, fresh air air conditioning, as a new category, has become a new outlet for the growth of the whole market due to its ability to replace oxygen and purify air.

蒙古国沙尘暴来袭 京东新风空调为家里建个避风港

Recently, Jingdong household appliances, together with Hisense, TCL air conditioning, Casati, Xiaomi and other air conditioning enterprises, has launched a number of new air conditioning products to jointly promote the popularization and development of new air conditioning in the air conditioning industry, and is committed to bringing a healthy and constant temperature comfortable new air environment to every consumer. At present, if you buy fresh air air conditioning products, you can also enjoy the super value service of 24-hour fast installation overtime compensation, saving 600 yuan from the old to the new, and only changing without repairing for 365 days! What are you waiting for? Go to Jingdong and breathe healthy air immediately!



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