Jingdong home appliance “her Festival” brings surprise and love together

Today, in this “their” festival, I wish all the “goddess” a happy holiday! Of course, in addition to blessing, a more warm move is to prepare a gift for them. The “her Festival” promotion activities of Jingdong household appliances are in full swing. Many selected chaodian power companies are dropping within a limited period of time. More new household appliances are sold in advance to “spoil” each one.


In order to welcome the arrival of the 3.8 “goddess Festival”, Jingdong electric appliances has launched the “her Festival” promotion activities, and has prepared more authentic and exquisite goods for the majority of female friends with the help of Midea, Rongsheng, Haier, Samsung, Siemens, Smith and other brands! On March 8, Jingdong took part in the activity, and gave Zhen a good gift immediately after placing an order, so as to fill the festival with surprise and joy and enjoy the romance of spring.

Of course, if you want to give her a perfect holiday, the gift must be sent to her heart. If your girl is a brave career elite who pursues her dream, giving her a Mitsubishi multi-functional air frying pan is definitely a considerate choice. It is not only on-line, but also can be fried, roasted, cooked, low-fat, easy to unlock delicious food, adding a steaming sense of happiness to her busy life. On March 8, Jingdong second kill, only 439 yuan, high appearance, high quality pop goods immediately enjoy.


If she has been upgraded to a mother, LG Xianhui’s new 10kg sterilized roller washing machine fcy10y4w can be said to be the first choice for gifts. This product is jointly customized by Jingdong and LG, and steam sterilization is adopted. The sterilization rate is as high as 99.99%. It takes good care of family health. In addition, the large capacity of 10kg can handle the whole family’s clothes at one time, making the laundry easy, energy-saving, and properly improving the quality of life. If you open Jingdong to make an appointment, you can enjoy five luxury gifts, 24 interest free and other benefits. It only costs 3499 yuan to get it on March 15. Don’t miss more good gifts!


The 3.8 “goddess day” for women has come! They are mothers who work hard for their families, girlfriends who sincerely wait for their friends, and girls who go forward bravely for their dreams No matter which “she” is, it is worth the unique reward on this day. Jingdong home appliances “her Festival” presents a gift for every one of her, let the wonderful and love go together, and create a new quality of life! There are less than 24 hours left before the end of the activity. Please turn on your mobile phone to Jingdong and send her love and romance!



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