MSI modern am241p evaluation: buy all-in-one machine for display?

“The station is so small, how can we make it neat?” This problem must be bothering many users. For example, the author, sometimes stacking things on the table, there is no code space.

“The display screen is big enough to meet the requirements of daily work, and it’s better to make the desktop clean and tidy.” How to realize this simple demand?

On the market, in order to let users have more desktop space, various manufacturers have provided many solutions, the all-in-one solution should be the most mature. And in recent years, many manufacturers also optimize the traditional all-in-one machine, so that the use experience of all-in-one machine is better. For example, the MSI all-in-one modem am241p, which I started recently, gave me a lot of surprises.

Three narrow frame design, all in one machine can also be used as a monitor

The package includes a wireless adapter, a keyboard, a wireless adapter, a keyboard, and so on.

The assembly of all-in-one machine is also very convenient. Because of the modular design, the installation can be completed in a minute or two. Plug the power cord into the modem am241p, connect the other end to the power, and you can “work” with the all-in-one machine.

The monitor supports up and down 0 ~ 130mm adjustment and pitch – 4 ~ 20 ° adjustment, which can be adjusted to a comfortable angle according to the sitting posture. The bracket is designed with an elliptical beamline hole, and a power line appears quite “lonely”.

It is worth mentioning that, with its VESA interface standard, am241 series can be installed on the wall of the office or home, which makes it completely away from the desktop, bringing users more space.

Looking at the screen, at first glance, I was surprised by the narrow border of this product. The three side narrow border design has the feeling of “you can’t see the edge at a glance”.

There is no camera on the top, but the product packaging box is equipped with an external camera that can be fixed. In the case of video conference, online class and other situations, users can install it on the screen.

This product is equipped with a 23.8-inch fog display, with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 and a screen ratio of 16:9.

The screen supports anti glare, non flashing screen and hardware anti Blu ray. With the help of MSI’s non flashing screen technology, it can eliminate flicker and effectively reduce the eye fatigue caused by long-term use of the monitor; “anti blue light” can bring the most comfortable viewing experience for users. Anti glare makes the all-in-one machine have a good display effect in the case of direct light, without affecting the work process.

According to the red spider color calibrator, the modernam241p has 94% sRGB, 73% Adobe RGB and 75% P3 gamut, and the daily use of color display is good.

The color accuracy is 1.29, which is comparable to some professional monitors. It is very suitable for daily image processing and poster preview.

The maximum brightness of the screen is 186 nits. In actual use, you can still see the content under the indoor light.

This product is also equipped with a wealth of interfaces, the left side of the fuselage has two type-C interfaces, two USB interfaces, a headphone hole and a power switch.

Through the test of type-C interface, the average speed can reach 800m / s, and it can quickly transfer large files.

There is a USB interface at the top of the fuselage near the bracket. The USB interface here is designed for the connection of the camera USB cable, so that the wire does not need to pull too far. This detail design is very good.

There are hdmiin, hdmiout, 2 * USB2.0 and RJ45 network ports on the left side of the fuselage. It is worth mentioning that when the machine is not powered on, the data cable is connected to the hdmiin port, and the modem am241p can be used as a display.

The back of the right side of the fuselage is designed with OSD control lever, which can set the display effect, volume, input and output. According to the official introduction, the world’s first multifunctional PC with five way navigator. (deleted)

In the upper position of OSD control lever, the modem am241p also designs a 2.5-inch removable hard disk box, so that users can expand the hard disk without dismantling the machine.

Excellent hardware configuration, no pressure in daily office

The product I got is equipped with Intel’s latest 11 generation core processor i7-1165g7, 10nm process, four core and eight thread design, with a maximum power consumption of 28w.

According to R23, the multi-core score can reach 5573 PTS, and the single core score is 1392 PTS. Compared with the notebook with the same processor (Star 14, multi-core score 4863pts, single core score 1377pts), the multi-core performance is about 15% higher.

The i7-1165g7 is also equipped with a powerful Xe graphics card. According to the 3dmark test, the score of its graphics card is 3929, which is comparable to that of the mx350.

Through pcmark10 comprehensive test, it includes spreadsheet, document writing, photo editing, rendering and so on, with a score of 4765, indicating that modern am241p has obvious advantages in dealing with these daily work.

After 27 minutes, the power consumption is 28w and the frequency is kept at 3.95ghz. The performance release is very good.

It is understood that this product is equipped with server level cooling module silentpro cooling system. In addition, the key components of the host are mainly designed in the upper position, so that the hot air can be easily discharged. During the pressure test, the noise emitted by the main engine is very small and can hardly be heard.

In terms of productivity, we use modern am241p for video editing, a 6-minute video of station B, which adds transition effects, color matching, subtitles and other effects. Through the use of view, whether the preview or the final rendering clip process is very smooth.

Summary of pconline evaluation room

Through a period of use, MSI modem am241p has brought me a lot of surprises. Its excellent design has greatly changed my impression of all-in-one. Narrow frame and high-quality screen can meet the needs of daily office and learning; 11th generation core processor combined with Xe graphics card makes this product have a good use experience; the design that can be used as display without power on and rich interfaces (including VESA) make this product have more application scenarios. If you have a certain demand for display effect, performance, interface and other aspects, and want to “liberate” your desktop space in daily office, you can consider this product of MSI.

Author: Li Fei



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