Is it reliable for home appliance enterprises to build cars?

On April 13, Skyworth’s official microblog announced: “once again, the future of Skyworth’s smart car is the future of Skyworth.” at the same time, in the warm-up poster, spy photos of auto products suddenly appeared, which undoubtedly announced to the outside world the news of Skyworth’s cross-border auto industry.

As the saying goes, “the fewer words, the bigger the matter.”. In today’s cross-border fashion, we can certainly accept Skyworth’s ambition to do household appliances. However, Skyworth’s intention to extend its business to the automotive field has triggered a major earthquake in the industry. We should know that the pain of home appliance companies burning money for making cars has forced back Dong Mingzhu, the iron lady, and at the same time, it has also brought Gree into the water, causing numerous criticisms.

So now the question is, does Skyworth have a show to fight back for the car that Gree hasn’t finished?


In recent years, the domestic automobile market is really lively. Whether it is the “front wave” with a solid foundation or the “back wave” with a strong momentum, it is all in the wind of new energy vehicles, trying to seize the opportunity to stand on the tide in the new round of industrial reform. Some analysts believe that China has been the champion of global automobile market for 11 consecutive years, and the stock market is huge. A new round of industrial wave represented by electrification and intellectualization has given new opportunities for development There are all kinds of signs that car building is really a good business.

When we talk about Gree car, we have to talk about Dong Mingzhu’s dream. Previously, Dong Mingzhu described such a life blueprint to users, letting them blow the Gree air conditioner, use the Gree, drive the Gree new energy vehicle, and eat the rice cooked by the Gree Electric Cooker.

We can also see that the reason why new energy vehicles attract these heroes to bow down is not only that they have dreams for this industry, but also that they see the prospect of intelligent transformation of vehicles. This is just like the eve of the outbreak of smart phones, which must be done when it is time to do it. What we need to emphasize here is that the new energy vehicle is regarded as the future of intelligent hardware by the industry, and it is the sum of Internet plus intelligence + new energy.

It is precisely because of this that Dong Mingzhu “bumped into the south wall and didn’t look back” on the road to build the car. Unfortunately, reality still hit Dong Mingzhu hard. With the closure of Zhuhai Yinlong company by the court in 2018, this basically declared the disastrous defeat of Gree.

Xin Qiji, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, wrote in the book “eternal music: reminiscence of the past in Beigu Pavilion at Jingkou”: “heroes can never find sun Zhongmou’s place through the ages. The wind and rain always blow away the wind and rain

It is true that the market prospect of new energy vehicles is very good, but it does not mean that home appliance giants can succeed when they come in. There are also many technical problems and difficulties that home appliance enterprises need to overcome in the cross-border new energy vehicle camp. Focusing on the three plates of “driving host + energy conversion + heat dissipation”, which are the core of car building, it determines that home appliance enterprises must have enough technical strength to make their products landing At the same time, it also needs a large number of supporting industrial chain clusters as support, and car building is really a money burning business.

In fact, at the cite2021 exhibition held before Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, a Skyworth car with the words “Skyworth car” on its license plate was found on the booth of Skyworth Group. Seeing this, my friends are puzzled. Skyworth has just delivered the news of the cross-border automobile industry. How can Skyworth already be on the road?

It turns out that it is not. After some understanding, we will know that the car displayed on Skyworth booth is actually Tianmei et5, and the reason why it is marked with Skyworth logo is that Skyworth has investment background behind it.

It is understood that as early as 2010, Huang Hongsheng, founder of Skyworth, funded the establishment of Kaiwo New Energy Automobile Group Co., Ltd., independently researched and developed the battery, motor and electronic control “three electric” core technology of new energy bus, and obtained the passenger car access qualification approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology in 2017. In November 2019, KaVo new energy automobile group also established Tianmei automobile brand.

It is worth mentioning that in October 2020, Tianmei automobile brand also launched Tianmei et5, providing consumers with four versions of endurance models. The low configuration has a endurance of 410 km and the high configuration has a endurance of 520 km. It is understood that the biggest attraction of Tianmei et5 car is to be able to connect with Skyworth smart home and operate it through mobile app, so that people can turn on the air conditioner before they get on the car.

However, since the Tianmei et5 was launched last year, its market performance has been very weak. Even in the domestic new energy vehicle market, it has not mixed a sense of existence at all, and the vast majority of consumers have never heard of the Tianmei et5. From this point of view, if Huang Hongsheng changes the brand of Tianmei automobile to Skyworth automobile, and uses the influence of Skyworth brand in the domestic home appliance industry to promote et5 and subsequent products, it is obviously more applicable.

Tianmei has failed to make a name for new energy vehicles. Now it’s changing its name to Skyworth. It’s obvious that it’s not easy to draw a conclusion whether it can revitalize Huang Hongsheng’s road of car building. But Xiaobian still wants to say that even if it is good enough in the home appliance industry, it does not mean that the home appliance enterprises can copy their past successful experience in the automotive industry. We should know that the home appliance industry is completely different from the automotive industry, and without excellent technology, they just have a bit of fun.



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