Cdec2021 China digital intelligent ecology conference Hangzhou station will be held soon

On May 11, cdec2021 China digital intelligent ecology conference and the 14th China software channel conference will be held in JW Marriott Hotel, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Zhejiang is a big province for the development of digital economy in China, and Hangzhou has become one of the first tier cities of digital economy in China. In recent years, the achievements of digital construction in Zhejiang are obvious to all.

At the beginning of 2021, the digital reform conference held in Zhejiang province further put forward that by the end of 2021, Zhejiang Province will initially build an integrated intelligent public data platform, with five comprehensive applications to realize the basic modules online and the connection of provinces, cities and counties; by the end of 2022, Zhejiang Province will be built into a “province of hand-held affairs”, “province of hand-held office” and “province of hand-held governance”; By the end of 2025, we will have basically built a modern government with “overall intelligent governance and reality first” and a highland for global digital change.

Under the environment of strengthened guidance by the government and follow-up by manufacturers, the majority of ecological partners still have problems such as limited resources and inaccurate docking of supply and demand. The 2021 China digital intelligent ecology conference, sponsored by China Industry Association, China software network and Hibi Research Institute, is based on the forefront of the industry, analyzes the trend of digital intelligent market in detail, actively builds a communication bridge between all parties, and comprehensively breaks through the gap between ecological owners, platform providers, manufacturers, channel providers and ISVs. It will vigorously promote the landing of new products and technologies, continuously stimulate innovation vitality and bring new opportunities We will promote the transformation and upgrading of regional partners and seize the new opportunities of digital intelligence industry.

01, the annual industry event, covering ten cities

CDEC China digital intelligent ecology conference and China software channel conference were first founded in 2008. The conference is held once a year, and it has been 14 times this year. Over the years, the conference has cooperated with a number of mainstream manufacturers to realize the city tour relay, covering 20 + cities, gathering 2000 + excellent manufacturers, 10000 + channel providers, 50 million + people Many regional service providers regard CDEC as the local “it annual meeting”, which is welcomed and recognized by many partners.

In 2021, the CDEC conference is planned to be held in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xi’an, Wuhan and Zhengzhou. Up to now, nearly 1000 guests from the whole industry have been confirmed to attend the Hangzhou station, which has aroused the continuous attention of the public and industry media.

The conference released the Research Report on the development of digital intelligence ecology of Chinese enterprises in 2021, which made a comprehensive interpretation of the new situation of “five new ecology” industry, market opportunities and partner transformation path, leading the new direction of the industry. In addition, the report of the conference specially analyzes the channel groups, and points out that the sustainable development of the industry calls for the emergence of new channels. Compared with the old channel providers, the new channel providers have more balanced service capabilities, and pay more attention to solution capabilities, diversified customization capabilities, and new technology support capabilities, which provides new ideas for the upgrading and transformation of the majority of channel providers.

02. All parties in the industry gather to present a new situation of “five new ecology”

Heby Research Institute proposed that China has entered a new era of digital intelligence, with the emergence of new technologies, new products, new models, new formats and new channels. These new trends have led to the transformation and development of digital and intelligent industrial ecology, and become the five new ecology reshaping the industrial pattern.

As an industry activity with wind vane value in China, this year’s CDEC conference, with the theme of “seizing the five New Ecologies”, has received strong support and guidance from the competent government departments. In this Hangzhou station activity, the conference will fully uphold the experience of many years, gather many manufacturers to participate in one station, comprehensively display the latest technology and products, and provide super value participation experience for guests from all walks of life.

Enterprises participating in Hangzhou station activities include Xi’an grapevine, Langchao, Mingdao, Zhiyuan Internet, Zhuohao, qishucai, Kaite Weiye, aftermarket treasure, smart software, splash top, etc. the new products and technologies brought by them highlight the characteristics of cloud and online, and become an important force in shaping the five new ecology.

During the event, through theme sharing, exhibition area, community, live broadcast and other means, the conference built channels for the majority of channel providers to understand new products and technologies, strengthened information exchange between supply and demand parties, and promoted manufacturers to join hands with ecological partners to comprehensively promote the implementation of new products and new industries, contributing to the digital construction of Zhejiang.

03. Select excellent ecological partners to create a digital future together

, an excellent ecological partner, not only has rich sales experience, but also has technology, talent pool and professional methodology, which can help digital products create more revenue. In the process of serving the market, the majority of partners shoulder the responsibility of landing the “last mile”.

In the post epidemic era, with the rapid development of non-contact business model, various digital application scenarios emerge one after another, and great changes have taken place from user requirements to product technology architecture. In the new market environment, those channel providers with excellent professional technology and strong service force have become the pioneers and vanguard models of upgrading and transformation. In order to help outstanding partners stand out, the Hangzhou station held an ecological partner selection to award outstanding partners and expand brand influence.

Hangzhou and its surrounding regional channel partners can take this opportunity to further communicate with the invited governments, associations, enterprise customers, ecological representatives, etc., so as to expand the interpersonal relationship, show the enterprise strength and brand image, and promote resource sharing, complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win.

At present, the activities of Hangzhou Railway Station at CDEC have entered countdown, and all preparations are in place. Friends interested can search for the “China digital intelligent ecology conference” through the activity platform, or register the site, or pay attention to the “Zhongzhi observation” official account for more details.

In May, there are not only the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers by Xizi lake, but also the clarion call of digital battlefield. On May 11, let’s make an appointment with cdec2021 China digital intelligent ecology conference Hangzhou station!

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