Samsung launched “Galaxy smart tag +” to find objects with AR

On April 16, according to South Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics released Galaxy smart tag + today, compared with the previous generation of Galaxy smart tag. In addition to the low-power Bluetooth (ble) technology, the galaxy smart tag + released this time is also equipped with UWB (ultra wide band) technology, which can provide more accurate positioning and navigation for the items you want to find.

三星推出“Galaxy智能标签+” 可用AR找物体

And according to Samsung Electronics, Galaxy S21 + and other galaxy smart phones with UWB technology can use AR (augmented reality) technology to intuitively provide the search route of how far and where the object is located. It is reported that galaxy smart tag + will launch two colors, namely black and denim blue, at a price of 39600 won (231.5412 yuan).

Author: Chen Zihong



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