ZTE’s axon 30 ultra, the flagship of three main photography, was officially launched

On April 15, 2021, Beijing time, ZTE held an online launch of axon 30 series of new products, officially releasing ZTE axon 30, the industry leading flagship of Trinity three main cameras and four array imaging The machine is equipped with super sensitive camera, super humanistic camera and super wide angle camera, which are Trinity and high-energy, leading the third era of mobile imaging technology innovation – multi camera array fusion image.

三主摄影像旗舰中兴Axon 30 Ultra正式发布

Evolution of Trinity three main shots and four array images in the third era of mobile imaging

Since the first mobile phone with built-in camera came out in September 2000, mobile imaging technology has experienced single shot and multi shot, and now it is evolving towards the era of multi main shot fusion in the third era. ZTE axon 30 ultra adopts ZTE’s original Trinity three main camera four array imaging system, which perfectly combines the image quality, color and overall size. Taking the array image as the platform, ZTE axon 30 ultra deduces a new mobile image architecture with infinite mystery of computational photography. The original design of three main cameras + 60x periscope super zoom lens matrix, three main cameras have 64 million pixels resolution, can present high-quality images.

ZTE axon 30 ultra lens module covers the equivalent focal length of 13mm-123mm. It can take full focus photos of distant, medium and close range with one key. It creatively designs and realizes the new visual effect of “taking photos first and then zooming”, and the photos can be zoomed freely between different focal lengths.

三主摄影像旗舰中兴Axon 30 Ultra正式发布

(full focus photo)

Super wide angle, no distortion, perfect presentation of super night scene

ZTE’s axon 30 ultra three main cameras perform their respective duties. The super human main camera adopts 35mm equivalent focal length, which is suitable for literary and artistic youth to take 64 million ultra high-definition and storytelling environmental portrait photos. The super wide angle main camera has 120 ° wide-angle ability, which benefits from the super resolution of 64 million pixels, that is, the photos can be magnified several times, the local picture is still clear, and more details can be retained. With the adjustment of low distortion camera and computational photography, we can take high-quality ultra high-definition wide-angle photos, whether it’s taking a grand building or a group photo.

三主摄影像旗舰中兴Axon 30 Ultra正式发布

(ultra wide angle sample)

When shooting night scenes, the mobile phone switches to super sensitive main camera, which can capture weak light in dark environment. At the same time, the three main shots all support super night AI algorithm, which can easily shoot bright, clear, and hierarchical night movies of the whole scene. In addition, ZTE axon 30 ultra’s super moon ultra mode relies on multi camera synchronous operation and fusion calculation, which can enlarge the moon to an appropriate position, as beautiful as the human eye can see.

三主摄影像旗舰中兴Axon 30 Ultra正式发布

(sample of super moon)

ZTE’s axon 30 ultra’s three main cameras can realize scene combination and algorithm optimization, with the powerful performance of the flagship snapdragon 888 chip, providing rich and necessary amount of information and information tolerance for fusion computing images, turning the lens from “individual combat” to “cooperative combat”, laying a foundation for the evolution of light field imaging technology in the next era.

Three shots are shot and recorded at the same time, and the narrative level micro film is shot immediately

In terms of camera function, ZTE axon 30 ultra provides a professional film level imaging system. With the function of multi camera recording, three pictures can be opened and different focus segments can be captured with one click. The original template of micro film shooting can also guide the movement of the mirror, transition, etc., so that Xiaobai can also easily operate, and the beginning is the presentation of blockbusters. At the same time, the support of Ultra HD 8K video shooting, movie filter, movie special effects and other functions can meet the diversified creation expectations of camera lovers. ZTE’s axon 30 ultra is equipped with stannikon class full system anti shake. Both super sensitive main camera and periscope lens support OIS optical anti shake. It can realize stable micro film “shooting at will” in bumpy motion scenes and shaking space.

三主摄影像旗舰中兴Axon 30 Ultra正式发布

(Trinity three main camera four array imaging system)

Beauty configuration impeccable, no short board of the true flagship

ZTE axon 30 ultra adopts hyperboloid screen design, dark black color matching, environmental protection grade Ag etching process and 15 complicated processes to pursue a touch close to “real silk”. Customized “frosting” and “etching” formula, so that the particle size is fine enough, at the same time, it has a smooth particle feel and good gloss effect, which is not only more scratch resistant and wear-resistant, but also anti glare and fingerprint. ZTE axon 30 ultra offers black, glazed white, light coffee, Ru blue and other colors.

三主摄影像旗舰中兴Axon 30 Ultra正式发布

The screen adopts 6.67 inch AMOLED clear eye protection screen, with 144hz high refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling rate. It supports 100% DCI P3 color gamut and 10bit color depth display, and can enjoy unlimited field of vision no matter viewing or playing games.

As ZTE’s flagship in 2021, the axon 30 ultra is equipped with a 5 nm snapdragon 888 flagship chip with a thickness of 8 mm and a weight of 188g. It is equipped with lpddr5 enhanced version and UFS 3.1 high-speed memory, 4600 MAH (typical value) large battery and 66W super fast charging, which can meet the needs of heavy photography lovers. The myos11 system based on Android 11 kernel also brings a smoother experience to every user.

Double flagship launches at the same time, intelligent wearable meets users’ multiple expectations

This time, ZTE also released the ZTE axon 30 pro with straight screen design, which also has a flagship chip of snapdragon 888. In the back camera, 64 million main camera + 64 million wide-angle double main camera, with 5 million macro lens and depth of field lens; in the endurance, the machine has built-in 4200mah (typical value) battery, and standard 55W super fast charging. ZTE axon 30 Pro is available in Obsidian black and misty rain blue.

三主摄影像旗舰中兴Axon 30 Ultra正式发布

ZTE’s axon 30 series will open an appointment in ZTE mall, Jingdong, tmall, Suning and other platforms from now on, and will be officially sold in all channels on April 19. Users who purchase axon 30 series will enjoy 24-hour private butler service.

From April 14 to 18, in Jingan Joy City, Shanghai, ZTE’s axon30 series, as the first “wave making partner”, joined hands with Jingdong mobile phone to create the “wave making plan” with the world-famous extreme trend event X game. Take three pictures and record at the same time, stannikon level anti shake, help wave making youth record every wonderful moment, stabilize all kinds of high-energy scenes!

Author: Li Jungong



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