Win10 task switch weak explosion! High efficiency gadget

[pconline application] although Microsoft has always thought that its taskbar and MAC dock have many similarities, but The audience didn’t seem to agree. Take the shortcut icon that is used every day for example, we often fix some programs to the taskbar and call it when necessary. But the audience’s reaction always surprised Microsoft – it’s ugly to put it here.

Indeed, for a beauty controller, it’s really unsightly to put such a big lump in the taskbar. Most importantly, it also encroaches on the window preview area which is not rich. Is there any solution? This switch gadget can be called a savior.

Switch is a small tool specially used to open programs. To put it bluntly, it is to mark the shortcut icon of taskbar in windows. Compared with the traditional taskbar, it has three advantages: first, the independent dock bar no longer occupies the precious taskbar space; second, it can easily start the program by using the shortcut key; third, the dock bar is automatically hidden, and it can be called out at any time through the ALT key when needed.

I don’t need to say much about the installation process. The first time you enter, you will see a transparent dock bar with high appearance value. The large row of “+” on it has clearly expressed its function. There is nothing to say here. Click “+”, select the path, find the corresponding executable file, and then add the program.

After adding a good program, in principle, it can be used normally (yes, it is so simple ~). In addition to the mouse click, we can also use the shortcut to start the program. The method is: hold down the ALT key, and then click the corresponding program serial number (from top to bottom). For example, the second one is wechat, and the corresponding shortcut is “Alt + num 2”. The fifth one is Xunlei, and the corresponding shortcut is “Alt + num 5”.

The setting panel is also very simple. It is nothing more than the problem of auto hiding, whether to maximize after starting the application, and whether the dock bar is on the left or right. Slightly different from general software, switch needs to be restarted to make the settings take effect!

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Finally, let’s talk about the disadvantages. First of all, the dock column does not support quantity adjustment. No matter you have a program or n programs, the dock column will provide 8 groups of program order. In this way, less programs will display a bunch of “+”, and more programs cannot be put in. Secondly, there is a little problem with the shortcut key startup. The author has two computers, one of which works normally, but the other always receives the following prompt, which needs to be clicked to open. Then there is its auto hide function, sometimes can not hide, sometimes even if the mouse swipe will disappear. But in any case, bugs are bugs, and beauty is beauty. If you can’t stand win10’s default taskbar for a long time, this gadget is definitely worth trying.

Author: Xuan dad in kindergarten


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