Xiaomi releases new TV EA series from 999 yuan

On April 16, Xiaomi TV officially announced on the social platform that it will launch 2022 new EA series of Xiaomi TV today. According to the official statement of Xiaomi TV, the content of this launch has the following highlights: 7 large sizes, starting from 999 yuan, ① appearance ↑ unibody metal full screen, less than 2mm narrow frame, ② image quality ↑ new adjustment by station, more outstanding color, ③ intelligent Standard Bluetooth voice remote control, support far field voice.

小米发布新品电视EA系列 售价999元起

And according to the official statement of Xiaomi TV, 1. Xiaomi TV EA 2022, in addition to the unification of the previous generation a / C / X three lines, is to be the “goalkeeper” in the popular money. 2. Xiaomi TV will gradually close its product line in the future, focusing on four product lines of master, digital, ES and EA, and focusing more on creating good products for everyone.

小米发布新品电视EA系列 售价999元起

Author: Chen Zihong



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