What are the details of kitchen lamps and lanterns

The choice of kitchen lamps and lanterns is very important, too bright or too dark are not suitable, so what are the details of kitchen lamps and lanterns? Take a look at pchouse’s kitchen lamps and lanterns.

1、 What are the details of kitchen lamps

1. Safety perspective

The kitchen needs safe and convenient lamps and lanterns. Due to the special environment, the lamp cap is easy to be polluted by oil and sulfur dioxide, so it is not suitable to use the lamp cap switch. It is better to use bayonet type lamp cap, which is easier to remove than screw type bulb after slight rust.

2. Brightness

In the design, we can use the way of combining the overall foundation and local supplement, and use the high-power ceiling lamp to ensure the overall brightness. Then, according to the arrangement and layout of kitchen furniture and stove, we can choose the wall lamp for local lighting and the height adjustable chandelier to take care of the working face lighting, and install the range hood with the working lamp, and the storage cabinet can also install the lamp in the cabinet .

3. Wipe it often

There is often steam in the kitchen, steam and sulfur dioxide, the corrosion of lamps and lanterns is very strong. Therefore, in the selection of kitchen lamps and lanterns, we must pay attention to its service life as far as possible, and pay attention to frequent wiping.

4. The white light illumination effect is better

Using the kitchen is nothing more than cooking, and it’s a big problem that you can’t see clearly when cooking. If the light is too dim, it is easy to hurt hands when cutting vegetables; if the light is too bright, it is especially eye shaking. What kind of light is the most suitable is not only related to the lighting of the kitchen, but also related to the selection and installation of light bulbs.

2、 Kitchen lamp style recommendation

1. Ceiling lamp

As one of the more common lamps in the kitchen, led ceiling lamp is popular in the market now. According to the shape, there are square cover, ball, rectangular cover and other shapes of ceiling lamp. The ceiling lamp is generally used as the main lamp and is installed in the middle of the kitchen.

2. Grill lamp

Grill lamp is also a common kind of lamps, this kind of lamps can be divided into two kinds: concealed installation and exposed installation. This kind of grill lamp is generally used in the larger kitchen of villa, while the ordinary kitchen is generally less used.

3. Embedded downlight

The embedded downlight is generally installed under the ceiling of the kitchen, which mainly plays the role of local lighting. The beauty is very good, and it has good privacy. In addition, downlight can be installed at the edge of the kitchen, direct light to a certain part, making the kitchen as a whole soft and warm.

What are the details of kitchen lamps and lanterns? The above contents have been introduced. Kitchen lamp style recommended above, I hope to help you.

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