The stable output of the 2077 motherboard is also very important!


Want to play “cyberpunk 2077”, I strongly recommend the new generation z590 game platform. With a rtx30 Series graphics card and a super single core Intel 11th generation desktop processor, wonderful picture quality is at hand! Of course, as the cornerstone of the stable operation of the system, the stable output of the motherboard is undoubtedly crucial!

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

In this article, I recommend a popular game motherboard — ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi. It is not only excellent workmanship, full of materials, but also with many game efficiency technology, very suitable for creating a new generation of game console.

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

Excellent 14 + 2 phase CPU power supply — stability first

The highest specification of the 10th generation is 10 core 20 thread design, and the highest specification of the 11th generation is 8 core 16 thread design. Although the number of cores of rocket Lake’s 11th generation intel core desktop processor is significantly reduced compared with the previous generation, due to the addition of avx512f instruction set, the power supply demand of rocket Lake’s 11th generation intel core desktop processor is still very high.

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

In order to meet the power supply demand of the new generation processor, ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snowblowing motherboard further strengthens the power supply design, and fully designs 14 + 2-phase CPU power supply. Such a good power supply design can not only help Intel’s 11th generation of desktop processors run more stably, but also help this generation of processors surpass.

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

At the same time, two large silver white heat sinks are designed in the CPU power supply area, which can cool the MOS tube and inductor.

AI intelligent overclocking makes cyberpunk more fluent

For the players who want to improve the game experience with the help of overclocking, I strongly recommend using asus’s exclusive AI intelligent overclocking.

ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snowblowing motherboard is equipped with “Ai intelligent overclocking”. This function can quickly and intelligently evaluate processor overclocking potential and system heat dissipation conditions, accurately predict overclocking voltage and frequency performance adjustment suggestions, and quickly provide overclocking efficiency that can only be achieved by overclocking experts through manual adjustment. It is easy to achieve higher performance and is quite easy to use Even beginners of overclocking can easily get started.

There are two ways to turn on AI intelligent overclocking. The first is to use AI Suite 3 software to operate in Windows system. The second is to open the BIOS on the motherboard. Next, the author introduces the second method.

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

Find the “CPU core frequency doubling” option in the BIOS of ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snowblowing motherboard, and then select the “Ai optimization” setting. AI intelligent overclocking can be automatically turned on after system restart.

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

According to the author’s actual measurement, after AI intelligent overclocking is turned on, the core i9-11900k platform has three frames of performance improvement when running “cyberpunk 2077”, and the core i5-11600k platform has two frames of performance improvement when running “cyberpunk 2077”.

Overclocking the processor can help the game improve 2-3 frames, which is a big performance improvement. The game frame number has increased, the game experience will be better naturally!

Metal reinforced 4.0 x16 slot for heavy graphics card without pressure

Intel’s next-generation platform supports PCI 4.0 technology, as you all know. ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snowblowing motherboard has three PCI 4.0 x16 slots, which can give full play to the powerful performance of NVIDIA rtx30 series and AMD rx6000 Series graphics cards.

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

At the same time, all the three pcie4.0 x16 slots are designed with metal reinforcement, which makes it safe to carry heavy-duty graphics cards.

Support for solid state drive of pcie4.0

The z590 game platform is also the solid state drive of pci4.0. Compared with the pci3.0 interface, the transmission rate of pci4.0 interface is directly doubled, reaching 16gt / s, that is, 16 billion times per second. The theoretical speed of single channel is 2GB / s, X4 speed is 8GB / s, and x16 speed is 32GB / s.

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

(performance of z590 platform with Samsung 980 RPO SSD)

In the second half of 2020, the speed of PCI 4.0 SSD will be further improved, reaching 7000mb / s. The representative products include Samsung 980 RPO and Western Digital WD_ Black sn850 and so on. With the advent of Intel’s new generation platform, players can also enjoy the use of these high-end solid-state drives. 7000mb / s, speed is swish, who use who know!

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

With the rapid development of the speed, the heat output of the solid state drive (SSD) can not be ignored. In order to effectively reduce the operating temperature of m.2 pcie4.0 X4 SSD and help the device operate more stably and efficiently, m.2 heat sink is equipped in three pcie4.0 m.2 slots of ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snow blowing motherboard as standard.

On board supremefx high end audio chip brings you immersive game sound quality

Play “cyberpunk 2077”, not only the picture quality is better, but also the sound quality is better!

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi snowblowing motherboard is equipped with supreme FX alc4080 high-end audio chip. With the help of a series of professional audio design, the sound quality of the game can be clearer, and the game experience can be more immersive.

At the same time, this motherboard is also equipped with DTS game sound customization technology jointly developed by ASUS and DTS, which provides multi-channel surround virtualization for stereo headphones and provides immersive game sound experience. It uses advanced simulation technology to give sound clues through stereo headphones, which improves the on-board sound effect to a new level. This function allows players to conveniently set their sound preference to aviation mode, soundscape mode and tactical mode according to the type of game, so as to bring players more realistic and shocking game sound or more accurate sound positioning.

Write at the end

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

After all, it’s Rog. ASUS rog-strix-z590-a-gaming-wifi shows excellent game strength. If you are interested in saving a z590 game platform recently, this snowblowing motherboard is really worth having! At present, the motherboard has been put on the shelves of ASUS Jingdong self operated flagship store, and the reference price is 2699 yuan.

畅玩赛博朋克2077 主板的稳定输出也至关重要!

Finally, I would like to talk about the game “cyberpunk 2077”. This month, the game released version 1.2, with more than 500 updates covering all aspects, which can be regarded as a major upgrade. Compared with the semi-finished products in the initial stage of the game release, the game experience of cyberpunk 2077 has been significantly improved and the playability is better. It’s time for players who haven’t played this game to enter the night city! Remember to arm the z590 game platform!

Author: Zhang Fan



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