Lenovo r9000k financial rtx3080 model has increased by 5000

The official flagship store of Lenovo, the Savior r9000k, is about to open its third round of pre-sale activities.

联想R9000K变理财 RTX3080机型已大涨5千

However, it needs to be said that the current price of Jingdong self operated flagship store is almost difficult for ordinary consumers to buy! We should all understand!

Let’s go to Taobao and the third-party stores of Jingdong to see that the Savior r9000k and r9000p have become financial products, and the prices have all gone up.

Among them, the price of rtx3080 flagship model has been fried to more than 20000 yuan, which is at least 5000 yuan higher than the official guidance price.

To tell you the truth, the price of PC products on Jingdong Mall’s own business is a joke at present!

Author: Zhang Fan



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