Nut smart wall O1 makes an amazing appearance, and super close projection makes a better life “close” into imagination

Driving China’s news on April 15, 2021, jmgo nut projection held a new product launch with the theme of “near, into the imagination” and launched the nut smart wall O1 ultra close projection. Different from the previous household projection products, this brand-new product named “smart wall” has unprecedented innovation in product design, form and function. Through the subversive intelligent light and shadow technology, it gives new meaning to the home wall, so that any ordinary wall can clearly present colorful pictures and rich content, and become a better “smart wall” to accompany users in daily life The wall of wisdom.

As a breakthrough in the industry, nut smart wall O1 enables a wider range of people to feel the charm of ultra close range projection technology, helps modern urban youth break through the shackles of limited living space, freely explore immersive audio-visual and even brand-new lifestyle, and is always full of free imagination of rational life.


Hu Zhenyu, chairman and CEO of nut projection, shares the development process of O1


Nut projection CPO Wang Xiaoyi introduces nut smart wall O1

Super close technology realizes “super picture”, light, shadow and imagination are close at hand

“Near” is one of the most prominent highlights of nut smart wall O1, an innovative species. Equipped with self-developed ultra close range projection technology, the ratio of projection distance to picture width (projection ratio) of nut smart wall O1 is as small as 0.25:1. Users only need to place it 27cm away from the wall, which is less than one tenth of the projection distance of the current telephoto projector. They can enjoy the same or even higher quality projection effect as traditional projection, so that the shocking scene can be close at hand.

Nut smart wall O1 adopts 1920 * 1080p Full HD resolution ultra close range LED optical machine. After 12 months of joint efforts with experts from both sides of the Taiwan Strait and three places, the nut projection R & D team has overcome the difficulties of light path design and lens manufacturing, making the nut smart wall O1 the ultra close range LED projection product with the lowest picture distortion rate and the highest color gamut coverage so far. While reducing the projection distance, the image clarity is not lost at all, and the picture details are still surprising and realistic.

Based on the simple projection method of ultra close projection, that is, the light source and the picture are closer than ever. Nut smart wall O1 helps users get rid of many poor experiences of traditional projection products. For example, the home furnishings will not hinder the light path, and users can arrange their home objects at will. When users walk back and forth, they don’t have to worry about missing the essence of audio-visual entertainment because the picture is blocked At the same time, there is no health risk of being directly exposed to strong light.

In addition, for long focus projection products, if there is no reserved projection position at home, users can only sacrifice the pursuit of image quality and use side projection function to achieve the purpose of viewing. The new product’s projection screen can be directly parallel to the light source, allowing users to observe every pixel in the display of effective image information. Therefore, regardless of the layout of the home space, the actions of users, and the placement of products themselves, nut smart wall O1 is no longer constrained. It helps users “get close” to their imagination in an all-round way, and completely reaps an unparalleled “super free” experience.


Nut smart wall O1 achieves a new breakthrough in ultra close range projection technology

Intelligent light and shadow technology creates full immersion experience and dual-mode system accompanies beautiful daily life

Based on nut’s innovative philosophy of “real smart technology should serve life”, the new nut smart wall O1 is the epitome of intelligent light, shadow and black technology. With Luna OS dual-mode intelligent system initiated by nut projection, the new nut smart wall O1 enables users to switch freely between the massive resources in “classic” mode and the image exhibition in “accompany” mode. This also makes the nut smart wall O1, which aggregates massive application resources, no longer just an ordinary video player. It is worth mentioning that the music dynamic temperament function in the “accompany” mode will create a new music scene for users. When users play music, they can project the lyrics into the wall in a variety of different visual forms in real time. When the lyrics are presented in a unique form, the mood of the song and the mood of the listener can be more integrated in the space.

In addition, the weather clock, news information and other basic content are also included in the basic content. What’s amazing is that the product can also directly project borderless patterns in line with the home style, making light and shadow images a part of home decoration. The exclusive cooperation between nut projection and mana, a world-famous new media art platform, makes this effect more incisive. Users can build the living space into a cutting-edge art gallery through the nut smart wall O1, unlock more possibilities of light and shadow technology application scenarios, and feel the beauty of the integration of technology and art.

In addition, thanks to the industry’s top flagship chip SOC – mt9669, coupled with a powerful intelligent perception system, nut smart wall O1 has made a new leap in users’ visual experience. This MediaTek mt9669 is a powerful foundation for nut smart wall O1 to have intelligent noise reduction, support high dynamic range imaging and motion compensation functions, so that the product can improve the contrast without losing part of the details of the picture, and alleviate the image noise and drag that may exist in the film source. At the same time, the wall color calibration function of nut smart wall O1 enables users to perceive the accurate color performance no matter in the white wall or the wall with color, so that they can cast the color when there is a wall. Depending on the zero perception picture speed correction technology, the new product can also automatically adjust the picture skew caused by the machine placement, and refocus, so as to achieve zero disturbance to the normal viewing process.

In terms of acoustic experience, nut projection and its long-term partner Dana, a well-known loudspeaker brand, once again cooperated in tuning – with a 7W * 2 strong rubidium magnetic horn combination and a 760cc super large cavity, greatly improving the sound quality and purity of the new product. According to the difference of users’ broadcast content, nut smart wall O1 also customized four sound effect modes, including standard, movie, competition and music. According to the actual needs, it can emphasize or weaken a certain sound type, improve the user’s telepresence when watching the video, and bring a palace level audio-visual feast.


Nut smart wall O1 is equipped with Luna OS dual-mode intelligent system initiated by nut projection

“Smart and smart” and outstanding appearance make a new c-position in modern home furnishings

In addition to creating unprecedented audio-visual enjoyment, the new nut smart wall O1 embedded with far-field and near-field intelligent voice technology is also dazzling in intelligent control performance. Users can not only play the picture through the voice button of the remote control, but also wake up the far-field voice function of the product with a simple sentence of “nuts, nuts” within the range of 5 meters, so that the intelligent, convenient and comfortable ideal life can come with the sound and move at will.

In addition, it inherits the design style and aesthetic expression of nut projection, which has always been modern and simple. This new product is also attractive in appearance. Inspired by the runway arc, and after thousands of times of sand plating stamping and nano level fine grinding, the nut smart wall O1 has a round and simple appearance, which can be perfectly integrated into all kinds of home styles, becoming a new c-position for the home, adding high-grade but mild quality to the daily life of young people.


Nut smart wall O1 inherits the consistent modern simple design of nut projection

Adhering to the brand mission of nut projection “making beautiful audio-visual everywhere”, and making the expensive ultra close range projection technology more “people-friendly”, the nut smart wall O1 sells for only 3999 yuan, with the initial price of 3899 yuan, so that a wider range of urban young people and other users have the opportunity to feel the charm of this pioneer technology representing the future of the industry. At the same time, as a benchmark of independent scientific and technological innovation, it is also a good choice Help smart projection and even smart home market ushered in a new starting point of development. At 0:00 on April 29, the new products released by nut projection will be fully launched in the official flagship stores of major e-commerce, and will be officially put on sale to consumers.

Breaking through the limitation of space, nut wisdom wall O1 makes the wisdom and Inspiration of life extend infinitely on the wall. This is also like nut projection’s brand new brand concept – “freedom of imagination”, which was announced on the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the brand, showing its bright vision of light and shadow technology to accompany people to explore the unknown, refuse to set limits on themselves, and always cherish passion and imagination for life.



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