Light and portable, say go, go, tmall Queen’s Day

There are always people who think that girls don’t know anything about computers, except appearance. In fact, this outdated concept should have been thrown into the dustbin. Girls only know a lot more about computers, and they will only be more strict in purchasing computers, from appearance to performance, from price to quality. There are many computers with special features on the market, but few of them can be called all-around computers. Perhaps only HP star 14 high-performance thin book can make the goddess shine.

Star 14’s high-performance lightweight edition is very fashionable and bright in appearance. It not only has an integrated and natural metal shell, but also provides consumers with moonlight silver, streamer gold, first love powder and other color matching. Elegant or smart? Calm or warm? It all depends on your choice.

The light and thin fuselage makes it no longer a nightmare to take a computer to go out. The thickest part of the fuselage is only 16.9mm, which is as light as 1.41kg. The portability is directly full. Whether you are on a business trip or traveling, you can say that you can go on your way and easily face the challenge.

Since it’s portable, you can’t be dragged down by the endurance. Otherwise, you can’t be elegant if you take a string of charging cables with you everywhere. Star 14 not only has super long endurance, but also supports fast charging technology. Even in case of emergency power failure, it only takes 30 minutes to charge from 0% to 50%, and the computer will be full of blood during lunch time.

The abundant interface design makes the high-performance and thin version of star 14 more practical. As a lightweight product, many competitors of other brands cut off all the interfaces in order to pursue the ultimate thinness, leaving only the unpopular type-C interface. It’s very troublesome to take the docking station with you when you go out. The high-performance and lightweight version of star 14 is equipped with two usb-a interfaces, one usbtype-c interface, one HDMI interface, one SD card slot and one headphone microphone interface. It can be said that it has all the mainstream interfaces at this stage, which is very convenient. In addition, its pre installed genuine office software also saves users a lot of time and money.

Star 14’s high-performance thin book meets the needs of office with its light weight, long life and rich interfaces, and its entertainment function can’t be underestimated. This series is equipped with a 14 inch large screen with a full screen design. The frame is very narrow, and the color display is as realistic as possible, which is really pleasing to the eye. This high-quality screen is matched by its excellent B & amp; o sound effect. The combination of the two brings excellent audio-visual experience. Even if you stay at home, you can enjoy cinema level audio-visual effect.

Of course, we have to mention the high performance of star 14’s high-performance lightweight version. Up to 11 generations of core i5 processor, 10nm process, 21% performance improvement. The new generation of NVIDIA mx450 is optional, which is faster and more powerful. It has great advantages in playing games, editing videos and processing photos. Up to 16GB memory, 512gb solid state hard disk storage, running speed take off! In addition, the new generation wi-fi6ax201 dual band and dual antenna wireless network card is adopted in the high-performance and light-weight version of star 14. Its high-speed transmission can stand out in the high-density and crowded network environment. Such high-speed network connection makes the game delay a thing of the past.

High performance usually leads to heating problems. However, the fan design of star 14’s high-performance and light-weight version adopts three-phase motor with thinner blades, which can effectively improve the wind speed and reduce noise, quickly reduce the body surface temperature, bring better heat dissipation effect, and eliminate “hot potato”.

Excellent keyboard is also one of the highlights of this all-around notebook. The bonding range is moderate, the rebound is crisp, and there is no drag. With its own backlight, you can type like flying without turning on the light in the late night of inspiration. Fingerprint login not only saves the time of password input, convenient and efficient, but also protects the user’s privacy safely and effectively. Today, information security is increasingly important, it can be said that it is very necessary.

Star 14 high performance lightweight not only has a dazzling appearance, but also very bright inside. Strong performance, online configuration, long-term life, meet the needs of the office at the same time, entertainment function is not behind, and more rare is that all this is built on the basis of lightweight and portable. If you want to have such an all-around notebook, don’t miss the Queen’s day of tmall. Star 14’s high-performance and lightweight notebook will greatly promote your strength. It’s waiting for you!

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