Yunmi creates a top AI technology team to make AI intelligent landing in thousands of families in China

On April 14, 2021, yunmi held “helpful yunmi 2021 strategy and annual new product launch”. At the meeting, Chen Xiaoping, founder and CEO of yunmi technology, released the 2021 yunmi AI strategic new product. At the same time, he announced that George smoot, the world’s top scientist, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in physics and father of cosmoembryology, became the chief scientist of yunmi AI, and introduced yunmi’s strong team of AI scientists. It is not difficult to see that AI intelligence has become the focus of yunmi’s strategic layout in 2021. Heavy AI intelligence will help yunmi achieve a new upgrade from the whole house interconnection and the overall intelligence to the comprehensive AI. On the basis of realizing 5giot whole house interconnection, yunmi will move towards a new stage of active intelligent problem solving and providing natural and smooth human-computer interaction.


AI is the key to improve home intelligent experience

Since the end of last year, yunmi has conducted a national user survey. In four months, yunmi has conducted in-depth communication with users across more than 20 provinces and more than 60 cities. In this process, yunmi clearly feels that in the era of the rise of intelligent technology, the deepest confusion of users about intelligence is: is intelligence really useful?

How to make users feel that smart appliances are useful? Let the device perceive, analyze and judge like a person, and actively help users solve problems? Yunmi’s answer is AI. Yunmi believes that AI intelligence will become the key to improving the home intelligent experience.

Just like Tesla car does AI, it makes comprehensive decisions by collecting and analyzing various kinds of data, such as ⼈ / ⻋ / road / City, so as to make the equipment one step ahead, think what people think, and help users save time and effort. In yunmi’s view, AI can also enable home appliances to be highly active and intelligent, so as to “understand you better than you”. By collecting and analyzing home data such as environment, device and user behavior, yunmi can automatically adjust and analyze the parameters and global state of networked devices, so that home appliances have the “super ability” of autonomous learning and automatic evolution, and finally realize the home of AI.


In fact, as early as 2016, yunmi established the laboratory AI Lab, focusing on the application technologies including voice control, face / image recognition, gesture control, algorithm big data, etc. In addition, yunmi also released the first AI bionic chip “Wukong”, and early applied AI to smart home appliances. The air BOT, a popular yunmi AI range hood, can recognize the size of smoke and the wind moves with the smoke; the large screen can control the household appliances while cooking; the water heater can automatically adjust the water temperature according to the user’s daily use behavior; the high-end AI air conditioner creates a whole house temperature sensing system to feel the AI intelligent wind with one click.


With the integration of 5g + IOT + AI technology, yunmi’s understanding and application of AI intelligence are also deepening. The ultimate significance of AI is to solve all kinds of problems of users, which is the useful intelligence and the intelligence that users want. In order to implement the usefulness, yunmi has released the “helpful” strategy and a series of AI strategic new products, actively and intelligently solving various problems in users’ home life, speaking with products, so that users can truly experience the benefits and convenience brought by smart home life.

Join hands with Nobel Prize winners to build top AI technology team

AI intelligent landing in China’s thousands of families, does not mean that through the user to buy or use one or two smart appliances to achieve. On the basis of the whole house interconnection, AI intelligence is integrated into all kinds of family life scenes to build an intelligent home environment for users and solve problems anytime and anywhere. In order to better achieve this goal, yunmi will add AI technology and talent reserves in 2021 to provide long-term guarantee for the upgrade campaign of home intelligent AI.

In order to further expand the underlying research of AI and the deep application of AI in smart home, in the future, yunmi AI Lab will start research from four aspects: intelligent perception, AI brain, natural language interaction and active intelligence. Intelligent perception can better capture and collect all kinds of user’s behavior data and body, provide basis for AI brain’s comprehensive decision-making, and provide data support for the future research and development of more yunmi AI intelligent new products; the research of AI brain can provide users with intelligent personalized services, such as the research and development of habit memory, environment analysis, intelligent recommendation and other functions, which will promote AI smart home Electricity can better meet the different needs of different users; natural voice interaction is an indispensable part to improve the user experience; natural and unrestricted human-computer interaction is the inevitable trend of smart home in the future; the realization of active intelligence will provide users with a more comfortable intelligent living environment and solve all kinds of life problems from the source.


At present, the research on the four dimensions of intelligent perception, AI brain, natural language interaction and active intelligence has shown achievements in the 2021 yunmi strategic new products, such as EYEBOT AI health detection toilet can feel AI people, without hands, sit down to have a physical examination, and automatically flush and disinfect the toilet when you get up and leave; erox yunmi Quanxian AI mineral water purifier stops when the cup is full, AI regulates the mineral content in the water; yunmi AI frequency conversion air conditioner can monitor the body temperature / posture / ⽅ position in real time and automatically adjust the wind speed

At the same time, in order to further consolidate the underlying technology architecture, yunmi also specially invited George smoot, the world’s top scientist, winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in physics and father of cosmoembryology, to serve as the cloud AI scientist. At present, Professor George smoot is engaged in researching the application of AI in the field of life and health. His main artificial intelligence medical technology has been listed as a national priority development project by the United States. The strong joining of George smoot not only brings unlimited possibilities for the research and development of yunmi AI technology, but also injects new vitality and vitality into the future development of smart home industry.


In order to deepen the moat of enterprise AI technology, yunmi has also built an international team of AI scientists. Members of the team include various AI experts, whose research fields include computer vision, voice interaction, big data mining, business intelligence, etc., and almost cover the whole field of AI from the bottom foundation to cognitive and perceptual technology. The international and diversified R & D team helps yunmi to be full of innovation and vitality in the R & D and practice of AI technology new products, and also enables consumers to have more new expectations for the application of AI intelligence in yunmi household appliances.


As the pioneer of smart home appliances, yunmi has always been in the forefront of the smart home industry. With a deep insight into the future development trend of science and technology and the needs of users, yunmi has joined hands with top scientists and established a strong AI R & D team to deeply research and develop AI intelligent products and realize the re upgrading of 5giot whole house Internet. Yunmi redefines home in the future with AI, making home constantly evolve and full of “wisdom” like human beings. Yunmi’s series of strategic actions not only achieve the re upgrading of the brand itself, but also explore a new path for the future development of the smart home industry.



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