Considering cost performance and durability, Intel releases 670p SSD

On March 2, 2021, facing the consumer market, Intel officially launched 670p SSD based on 144 layer QLC technology, which is committed to meeting the requirements of high capacity, high performance, high cost performance and durability at the same time. It can provide significant value for ordinary players’ daily computing and mainstream games.

Rob Crooke, senior vice president of Intel and general manager of NAND products and Solutions Division, said: “Intel solid state disk 670p is based on Intel 144 layer qlc3dnand technology, with 128GB per die. Compared with the previous generation of solid-state disk, the read performance of Intel solid-state disk 670p is improved by 2 times, the random read performance is improved by 38%, and the delay is reduced by up to 50%. By providing peak performance, up to 2TB of capacity, and enhanced reliability, Intel solid state 670p is the ideal storage solution for thin and light laptops. “

One of the major obstacles to the popularity of SSD is the cost. In the past decade, Intel has been focusing on the development of QLC technology to meet the dual requirements of performance and capacity of today’s PC storage, including top-level storage and the ability to efficiently manage massive data. Intel’s QLC solid state disk is built based on floating gate technology. The 670p released in 2021 uses 144 layer qlc3dnand, which greatly improves the capacity and performance.

In terms of specific specifications, intel670p is m.22280 single-sided design, nvme interface, capacity of 512gb / 1TB / 2TB, supports pcie3.0 × 4 protocol, nominal sequential read up to 3500mb / s, sequential write 2700mb / s, 4K random read 310kiops, 4K random write 340kiops. The write durability of 512gb can reach 185tbw, and the warranty can reach 5 years.

Compared with the previous generation 660p, the new 670p greatly improves the capacity of slccache, in which the maximum slccache capacity of 2TB version can reach 280gb (256gb dynamic, 24GB fixed), the maximum slccache capacity of 1TB version is 140gb (128GB dynamic, 12gb fixed), and the maximum slccache capacity of 512gb version also has 70gb (64GB dynamic, 6GB fixed), which finally greatly improves the read-write performance of 670p.

In terms of performance, Intel officially released the measured data of pcmark10 and crystaldiskmark7. According to the data, 670p is not only greatly improved compared with the previous generation 660p, but also has advantages in low queue depth write performance compared with the competing products of QLC and TLC.

In the pcmark10 storage performance test, compared with 660p, 670p is improved by more than 20%.

Intel official said that 670p SSD will be shipped to OEM manufacturers from April 2021, and will be retailed on e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong from March 1. The price of 512gb version is 479 yuan, that of 1TB version is 799 yuan, and that of 2TB version is 1779 yuan.

Author: Diamond Bay


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