Witness the new changes of art market opening of the exhibition of famous artists in the hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy

On April 17, the “four seasons in spring · nomination invitation exhibition of Chinese painting and calligraphy Hall of fame” co sponsored by Beijing business daily and Yanjing painting and calligraphy society opened in the Art Museum of news building. The exhibition is the third “Spring Festival Trilogy” of the hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy, bringing together more than 60 works of 12 contemporary artists.

At the opening ceremony, Peng Yu, President and chief editor of Beijing business daily, one of the organizers of the exhibition, introduced the background of the exhibition in his speech. He said: “the exhibition is held in response to the requirements of” cultivating new cultural formats and cultural consumption patterns, enhancing people’s sense of cultural acquisition and happiness with high-quality cultural supply “, and promoting the development of aesthetic education. At the same time, he hopes to join hands The industry will contribute to Beijing’s construction of a national cultural center. “

见证艺术市场新变 中国书画名人堂名家展开幕

Peng Yu pointed out that this exhibition is the second activity held by Beijing business daily this year after the fifth art trend summit, all of which take art as the starting point. The presentation of the exhibition has also become one of the signals of the overall economic environment and the recovery of the art market. “Based on the goal of building a financial media group in the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, Beijing Business Daily has a resource library of 30 vertical categories. Last year, we made a new integration between the collection and the art sector, hoping to give full play to the advantages of financial media and help the development of the art market in the future,” he said

Zhao Qingzhong, the organizer of the exhibition and deputy general manager of Yanjing painting and calligraphy society, said in his speech: “Yanjing painting and calligraphy society is an art organization growing up from the folk. Every step of its development has been supported by the artists, and has established a deep friendship. It has always had close and in-depth cooperation with Beijing business daily.” Zhao Qingzhong pointed out that, just like the artistic conception of the exhibition name “four seasons in spring”, at present, the calligraphy and painting market is recovering, but there are also new changes: “art is increasingly entering the public life. Once upon a time, the art palace of “high and high” began to combine with new ways such as live broadcasting. Artists and operators should be aware of the new trend, serve the public and promote the recovery of the market. “

It is understood that the cultural brand of the hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy of Beijing business daily was officially established in 2006. Mr. Xu linlu, a famous freehand painter, inscribed the plaque of the hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy. Over the past 15 years, it has published interviews and reports of more than 1000 artists, and held a number of heavy cultural activities at the same time, becoming a “circle of friends” between Beijing business daily and artists.

Song Di, a famous master of color and ink painting and professor of Academy of fine arts and fine arts of Tsinghua University, said at the opening ceremony: “it is the tradition of Beijing business daily to pay attention to culture and art, which is unique in financial media. In recent years, the art market is not booming, but the Chinese painting and calligraphy Hall of fame has been a platform for 15 years. Affected by the epidemic situation, the exhibition has been rescheduled from the eve of the Spring Festival to today. It is a rare gathering for people in the industry. The exhibition also presents the achievements of artists’ quiet creation. “

Zhou Zhilong, a professor of Chinese painting at the Chinese Academy of traditional opera, is also one of the first members of the hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy. He said at the exhibition site: “artists are not” experts in the world “. Their works need audience and confidants. The hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy plays an important role.” Zhou Zhilong also pointed out that the tradition of Chinese painting carries the sense of national pride and cultural self-confidence. As an artist, he should be like Lu Xun: “if I can survive, of course I still have to learn”, and constantly carry forward the tradition.

According to Li kuchan, a famous freehand flower and bird painter, and Wang Hongxun, a disciple of Xu linlu, the exhibition experienced many twists and turns from being forced to suspend to resuming due to the epidemic situation. However, it is also like the hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy, which has gone through 15 years. What it continues is an unswerving artistic spirit and cultural feelings.

Lou Shude, the exhibitor, President of Beijing Shibai Art Research Association and the eldest son of Mr. Lou Shibai, said: “the exhibition is held against the background of building a cultural power. It can be seen that many of the works in today’s exhibition belong to Qi style. Traditional Chinese painting is a wonderful work in traditional Chinese culture, and Qi school art is a treasure of traditional Chinese painting, which has far-reaching influence in the world and is a banner. ” He also pointed out that Beijing Business Daily has done a lot of work in inheriting culture and hopes that the gold lettered signboard of the hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy can be further developed.

At the opening ceremony, Qi huijuante, the granddaughter of Baishi old man and the successor of Qi school’s freehand flower and bird painting, presented a stone engraving work of Baishi old man to the hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy.

It is understood that the first two performances of the “welcome spring trilogy Exhibition” of the hall of fame of Chinese painting and calligraphy were respectively entitled “spring breeze waiting” and “spring report for peace”, presenting the exquisite works of more than ten contemporary celebrities. The newly opened third “four seasons in spring” exhibition will last until April 26.

Beijing Business News (reporter Hu Xiaoyu)

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