KuWo music launched joint member value-added package with several platforms: buy 1, get 10, as low as 0 . 50% off

Have you ever had such an experience? In order to facilitate the opening of video members, in order to buy cheap open shopping members, in order to work efficiently opened the network disk members Unconsciously become a “card God”, but back to think about it, but heartache from his wallet. So, is there a strategy to save money? Recently, KuWo music, together with many platforms, launched a joint member value-added package to help users save money.


It is reported that the joint member officially opened the contest on April 19 and can enjoy the service of the top 10 platform members. The membership service includes monthly card, quarterly card and half year card of different platforms. Jika member platforms include: KuWo music, mango TV, lazy people listening and speaking, quick reading comics. Half year card member platform Ding Dong to buy vegetables and monthly card member platform Baidu disk, Youku video, vipshop, Obi programming, KuWo live. A price is more than twice as happy, which can easily meet the needs of users in different scenarios.

It is worth mentioning that this KuWo music joint membership activity is only one time, with the price as low as 0.50% off, saving 721 yuan each time. In addition, the value-added package of joint members is limited on sale, and only one copy can be purchased for each member account. Many netizens have said: can listen to music, can chase drama, can learn, can also buy, a start, the whole family all can use. There are netizens said: the welfare of the student party ah! No more borrowing members from other people.


Starting from learning, entertainment, office, shopping and other aspects, the joint member value-added package launched by KuWo music highly fits users’ demands in different life scenes. From April 19 to 25, log in to KuWo music app, click “my” to enter the member center, and you can snap up the joint membership package on the activity page. The quantity is limited. It’s sold out. Come to KuWo music to unlock the happiness of multi value members.



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