Beijing compulsory education enrollment is mainly divided into several schools

On April 19, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education issued the opinions on the enrollment of compulsory education in 2021 (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). According to the opinions, this year, Beijing will further increase the efforts of multi school slicing, and steadily promote the enrollment mode of multi school slicing, which combines single school slicing and multi school slicing. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission requires all districts to strictly implement the announced multi school slicing policy.

The Municipal Education Commission pointed out that in this year’s enrollment work, the district education committees should implement their responsibilities and strictly enforce the admission discipline. It is strictly forbidden to recruit students on the basis of examination results, all kinds of competition certificates, training competition results and grading certificates. It is strictly forbidden to select students by interview, evaluation, receiving resume and other forms. It is strictly forbidden for schools and off campus training institutions to recruit and select students in advance in the form of training classes, campus open days, summer camps, etc. It is strictly forbidden for any school to recruit students in the name of experimental class, characteristic class, International Department, international course class, etc. Those who violate regulations should be dealt with seriously according to relevant regulations. At the same time, in order to further strengthen the requirements of exemption from examination, the two levels of education administrative departments in the urban areas should strictly control cross school district and cross district enrollment.


According to the introduction, six types of school-age children and adolescents are enrolled in Beijing’s registered residence. They include the children of overseas Chinese identified by the Taiwan Affairs Office, the children of overseas Chinese identified by the district Overseas Chinese Affairs Department, the children of the postdoctoral researchers who are in Beijing at the station, and the children who are in the service of the servicemen who are in the process of going to the capital in accordance with the conditions of the army’s entry into Beijing, and are the permanent residents of the city in Beijing. The school-age children and juveniles who are registered or hold Beijing work residence permit. At the same time, the document makes it clear that disabled children and juveniles are given priority to attend school nearby within the scope of services under the same conditions.

According to primary school primary school entrance children’s parents how to participate in information collection, Beijing Municipal Education Commission pointed out that the registration system of primary school admission service can confirm the entrance registration area, select the corresponding registered residence type entry, register within the specified time, and fill in the detailed information. The information collection form can be printed after passing the information authenticity audit, and the information collection form must be presented when registering at the school.

For the non Beijing school age children and adolescents how to enter the school, the opinions are clear. According to the detailed rules for the implementation of compulsory education materials for children and adolescents in Beijing, the parents should hold their employment materials in Beijing, the residence materials in Beijing, the registered residence of family registered residence in the whole family, and the residence permit in Beijing, to the neighborhood offices or Township People’s governments where their residence is located. Participate in the admission qualification examination and enter the admission procedure after passing the examination.

At the same time, the Opinions also reiterated that the housing with common property rights belongs to the housing with property rights, which is consistent with the enrollment policy of other ordinary commercial housing. In September 2017, the “Interim Measures of Beijing Municipality on the administration of housing with common property rights” was issued. It has been made clear that the housing with common property rights refers to the policy oriented commercial housing that the government provides policy support, the construction unit develops and constructs, the sales price is lower than the price level of commercial housing with the same location and the same quality, and the right of use and disposal is limited, and the government and the buyer share the property rights.

In view of the social concerns about the changes of Haidian “six small strong” junior high school in this year, the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission proposed that this year, three ways of enrollment will be carried out, including the admission of College children, the allocation of places, and the reform experiment.

At the same time, in order to meet the growing demand for degree, the Municipal Education Commission will guide all districts to further increase the enrollment security. This year, Beijing will add 20000 new primary and secondary school degrees in the city through new construction, reconstruction and expansion, and receiving supporting schools in residential areas.

In addition, pilot projects of “Internet plus basic education” in the air classroom and double teacher classroom will be further improved to achieve a high quality balance level. We will continue to standardize the teaching order, deepen the reform of the evaluation system, enrich the after-school service supply, and meet the needs of students’ growth and progress.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, in recent years, the enrollment of compulsory education in the city has maintained continuity and stability, adhering to the government’s overall planning, district level priority, examination free nearby, orderly and standardized, Strictly Standardizing the enrollment order, strengthening the enrollment management, and ensuring the smooth and orderly enrollment work. We should adhere to the government’s overall planning, and take the enrollment of compulsory education as the government’s behavior. Adhere to the district level, the District Education Committee is responsible for organizing the implementation of compulsory education stage enrollment work. We should adhere to the principle of exam free education and ensure that every school-age child receives compulsory education on an equal basis.

It is understood that in 2021 Beijing compulsory education admission service platform( )The enrollment policy publicity will be launched on May 1. Parents can query the enrollment documents, policy Q & A, school information, technical service telephone and policy consultation telephone of each district on the platform. Please refer to the local education committee for specific issues related to school-age children’s enrollment methods, school service scope, enrollment results, etc.

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