Thunderbird technology of TCL launches ui5.0 intelligent screen system

On March 9, TCL held a new product launch in the spring of 2021, launching a full range of Ai home appliances of Lingxi C12 and products such as TCL x128k Mini led smart screen. Meanwhile, it also announced a new smart screen system ui5.0. It is understood that the new intelligent screen system ui5.0 is built by Thunderbird technology, an Internet technology company of TCL. It is a comprehensive innovation in UI design, system interaction, scene function and other aspects to create a more immersive full scene intelligent system.

TCL旗下雷鸟科技推出智屏系统UI5.0 全面革新

Figure: ui5.0 adopts the new design language of lightness, no feeling and comfort

Ui5.0 adopts the new design language of lightness, no feeling and comfort, while making the UI lightweight and serving the content. In the overall design, ui5.0 adopts lightweight immersive design, and the new immersive interface makes the content no longer simply listed, and deeply integrates with the screen, so as to make it more rendering power and provide users with better visual experience.

TCL旗下雷鸟科技推出智屏系统UI5.0 全面革新

In terms of content layout, ui5.0’s new grid system follows the “8x design aesthetics” and rearranges the global grid spacing to fully release the transparency of visual space. In order to fit the motion law of the real physical world, ui5.0 builds a new liquid dynamic system to create a global dynamic effect close to nature. In addition, ui5.0 builds a lightweight UI component library to ensure the consistency and comfort of each part and application of the system.

TCL旗下雷鸟科技推出智屏系统UI5.0 全面革新

Figure: ui5.0 communication assistant function

In addition to lightweight and comfortable design, efficient and convenient interaction is also one of the highlights of ui5.0. In terms of intelligent recommendation, ui5.0 not only personalizes the content and recommends the favorite functions and applications for users, but also automatically sorts the channels and columns according to the user’s preference. With the help of the camera on the smart screen, ui5.0 adds the function of gesture separation. Users can operate the smart screen without the remote control by just moving hands. This function supports the instruction of playing, pause, mute, taking pictures and other gesture separation.

TCL旗下雷鸟科技推出智屏系统UI5.0 全面革新

On the screen casting function, the C12 smart screen equipped with ui5.0 will launch the “four-way screen casting” function, which supports apple and Android mobile phones to directly cast the smart screen without downloading applications. Up to four mobile phones can be used for mirror screen casting to unlock the new play method of Party Games. It is worth noting that TCL and vivo launched the online communication assistant function, and smart screen can synchronously remind vivo of phone calls and message notifications. When a vivo user answers a call with a mobile phone, the smart screen will automatically reduce the current volume to keep the call clear.

TCL旗下雷鸟科技推出智屏系统UI5.0 全面革新

Figure: ui5.0 introduces cloud games, AI fitness, children’s education and other innovative scenarios

As a new smart screen system, ui5.0 also greatly improves the richness of service scenarios by introducing cloud games, AI fitness, children’s education and other content. In terms of game services, TCL, together with the 8 cloud game platforms, has moved thousands of games to the smart screen, realizing the point and play without the host. In the fitness scene, the AI system guides the fitness action in real time through the bone recognition algorithm, creating a professional experience like a private lecture.

TCL旗下雷鸟科技推出智屏系统UI5.0 全面革新

In addition, UI5.0 provides massive and high-quality content, among which children’s content covers dozens of head IP, such as Wang Wang Li Gong, piggy page, etc. the educational content provides customized courses from pre-school to senior high school age, and online videos of hundreds of top three doctors provide professional health science and guidance for the whole family.

The released smart screen system ui5.0 is built by Thunderbird technology, an Internet technology company of TCL, which is responsible for the system development and operation of TCL smart TV and pan smart screen terminal. In addition to the comprehensive innovation of the operating system, Thunderbird technology will also achieve more innovation in products, technology and content, comprehensively layout the “AIX IOT” field, and provide users with richer home scene experience.

Author: Liu mingpeng



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