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On April 19, the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “2021 Shanghai auto show”) officially opened as the world’s first class a auto show in 2021. In terms of the number of heavy vehicles, unlike the “rivalry” between fuel vehicles and electric vehicles at last year’s Beijing auto show, the new energy vehicles at this year’s Shanghai auto show officially overshadowed fuel vehicles.

The “oil to electricity” model is no longer the mainstream, and a large number of new models from the exclusive platform of pure electricity began to appear. In the new energy vehicle market of 200000-400000 yuan, the war between independent brand and joint venture brand has been fully ignited.

From brand release to mass production vehicle landing

In the past two years, facing the Transformation Opportunity of the automobile industry, independent brands have launched new electric vehicle brands one after another, impacting the high-end market. In 2021 Shanghai auto show, new electric vehicle brands such as SAIC Zhiji, Geely jikrypton, BAIC Jihu and SAIC r will appear on the show.

More than five months after the launch of the project, Zhiji officially launched the high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle brand im Zhiji on the first day of the auto show, and the two mass-produced cars Zhiji L7 and Zhiji LS7 also appeared simultaneously. Among them, Zhiji L7, as the first wireless rechargeable electric vehicle of SAIC’s own brand, has been opened for pre-sale, with a price of 408800 yuan. It is planned to start delivery next year.

Zhiji automobile is a high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle project jointly launched by SAIC Group and Alibaba at the end of November last year. It focuses on high-end intelligent new energy vehicles and is regarded as “No.1 Project” by SAIC. It is reported that the project team is personally headed by Chen Hong, chairman of SAIC Group, and Wang Xiaoqiu, President of SAIC Group, is the commander-in-chief.

As a domestic independent brand “first brother”, Geely’s new high-end pure electric brand krypton’s first model, krypton 001, also completed its debut at the 2021 Shanghai auto show. Krypton 001 has launched three models, which have been open for booking. The price range of krypton 001 is 281000-360000 yuan after state subsidy, and delivery will start before October 1.

In addition, BAIC’s brand new high-end electric brand Jihu also appeared on the first day of the auto show, and its second mass production model alpha s was just launched. As a medium and large-scale pure electric car, alpha s has launched two power versions, three endurance versions and four models, with a price range of 251900-344900 yuan.

Why are the emerging electric vehicle brands aiming at the high-end new energy vehicle market of 250000-400000 yuan? Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the passenger car market information joint conference, said that after the high-end attempts of new car making forces such as Weilai and ideal achieved good results, the confidence of independent brands to rely on new energy models to impact the high-end market has also been growing.

From “oil to electricity” to exclusive platform of pure electricity

In order to cope with the electric wave of the automobile industry and the continuous attack of independent brands, foreign and joint venture brands have also released the signal of strengthening the electric layout at this Shanghai auto show, from relying on the “oil to electricity” model in the past to building a new model based on the exclusive platform of pure electricity.

After the two “front dishes” of fista EV and onchino EV, Hyundai finally brought the “main course” to the table. On the first day of the auto show, the first model of Hyundai’s new electric brand IONIQ (enikrypton) IONIQ 5 made its debut in China. As the first model born in e-gmp, a special platform for electric vehicles, IONIQ 5 will be officially introduced into the Chinese market this year.

E-gmp platform is a brand new special platform for electric vehicles, which was officially released in December last year. According to the plan, by 2024, IONIQ brand will launch a product lineup covering three special models for electric vehicles, including medium-sized CUV, medium-sized car and large SUV.

FAW Volkswagen, a German joint venture brand, also made its debut with pure electric SUV id.6 crozz at this Shanghai auto show. As a pure electric vehicle built on Volkswagen MEB modular electric platform, id.6 crozz locates medium and large pure electric SUV with 84.8kwh large capacity battery pack, which will be delivered in the middle of this year. It is expected that the starting price of the vehicle will be around 280000 yuan.

Two years after the launch of the leading eV of “oil to electricity” product, Ford also officially unveiled the heavyweight model Mustang mach-e on the first day of this Shanghai auto show. Mustang mach-e is the first pure electric model created by global electric, Ford’s first high-performance pure electric platform in the world. The domestic model will be put into production in changanfurt and sold through its own brand-new channel.

Zhang Xiang, an auto industry analyst, said that it is cost-effective to refit electric vehicles on existing fuel vehicle platforms from the perspective of cost and risk control. However, limited by the platform, the “oil to electricity” model often performs poorly in terms of space and endurance, and can only be used as a transitional product to seize the market in the early stage. In order to truly realize the transformation of electric vehicles, automobile enterprises must develop the exclusive platform for electric vehicles.

From single car water test to large scale offensive

As a first-line luxury brand, Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi (BBA) have always been the eye-catching big names of previous Shanghai auto shows. In this year’s Shanghai auto show, BBA also moves frequently in the electric circuit, and its product strategy is changing from “single point flowering” to “falling everywhere”.

On the first day of the auto show, three new products of Mercedes Benz’s Electric brand EQ appeared in a centralized way. Among them, the new EQB positioning pure electric compact SUV completed the first show of the global auto show, while the new EQS positioning pure electric large vehicle and EQA positioning pure electric compact SUV also made their debut in China. Previously, Mercedes Benz’s main pure electric model in China was only EQC.

It is understood that the new EQS will enter the Chinese market through import, while EQA and EQB will be produced in China one after another. In the future, Mercedes Benz will build pure electric models such as EQE and eqg based on EVA pure electric platform. In addition, Mercedes Benz will also use MMA pure electric platform, which focuses on medium and low-end models, to produce pure electric C-class, A-class and other models, and AMG, Maybach, Mercedes Benz G-class and other sub brands will launch new electric models one after another.

At this Shanghai auto show, BMW also appeared in its new pure electric medium and large SUV BMW IX. As the prototype of the mass production version of BMW inext concept car, BMW IX continues its design concept and body proportion to the greatest extent, and only adjusts a few elements that can not be applied to mass production models for the time being.

In addition, Audi also launched a new C-class pure electric concept car Audi A6 e-tron concept based on PPE platform on the first day of the auto show. In addition, Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback, two pure electric models, were officially unveiled at the auto show. Recently, Audi’s domestic version of e-tron has just been launched, with a price range of 546800-648800 yuan, which is significantly lower than that of imported models; e-tron Sportback has also been launched simultaneously, with a price range of 658800-718800 yuan.

Economist song Qinghui said that this year is the key year for BBA transformation. In the face of the reality that the penetration rate of new energy vehicle market is getting higher and higher, the earlier we fully embrace electrification, the more opportunities we have to maintain a leading position in the future competition.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Liu Yang Pu Zhenyu

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