Kongka and inXX open a “super enough” convenience store

Life is only once, is lying flat empty or load forward? The Z generation who took over the “consumer responsibility” has their own attitude – to live in the present, to do boldly, to enjoy life, and to be a youth of Yolo. From April 20 to April 30, 2021, high street fashion brand inXX gathered eight new consumer fashion brands, such as young enough, attitude, high-value, super fun tmall fashion goods – kongka soda, to create an inXX stand by Yo “you are superb enough” online flash convenience store, bringing fashion players cutting-edge fashion cool items.


Empty soda, the heart of contemporary “drunkards”

The brand of new sharp liquor drinks is empty soda, with low alcohol degree, high-grade taste like soda water, and trendy cool design based on little monster. It not only meets the picky stomach of “little drunkards”, but also has super high face value. In addition, the unique health labels of 0 sugar, 0 pigment and 0 purine of kongka soda are also in line with the life attitude recognized by young people, advocating a new wine drinking experience, which is becoming a new wine drinking fashion in the hands of generation Z young people.


The high street fashion brand inXX, which also focuses on the youth of generation Z, is committed to developing and collecting the global fashion design, creating a high street fashion buyer collection store, providing more fashion choices for Chinese fashion brand lovers and fashion icon. Stand by, an independent brand off the line, expresses the lifestyle of the purest young people with the current popular trend elements, and creates a trend of creativity and youth.

Enjoy the new express life

Based on the same brand genes of youth, bravery and fearlessness of both sides, inXX and kongka hit it off to jointly build an online fashion concept convenience store, which selects delicious snacks, good wine, good-looking make-up, easy-to-use daily use and easy-to-wear clothes, closely combines the new consumer culture with high street trend, and promotes a new speed of “young enough, attitude, high face value and super fun” Give me life. A limited number of INXX fast food gift boxes are available, which include eight fast-food INXX T-shirts, empty card soda, Yong Pu flash coffee solution, E.L.F high gloss cheek, red pan, and hi pot picture.


Life is only once, enjoy the free alcohol

Life is only once, loyal to the senses is enough; life is only once, savor life; life is only once, why not “live a drunken life and dream of death”, with a kind of “today is drunk, today is drunk” open-minded to actively embrace life. Whether it’s a small drink in leisure time or a cocktail party in a happy time, the empty soda, which is young enough, with attitude, high value and super fun, is the best choice for the Z generation of “little drunkards”. It’s not only a pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, but also a symbol of cool personality. From then on, say goodbye to meaningless “drunkenness” and enjoy the pleasure of alcohol freely, so that drinking is no longer a burden. Empty card, leading the younger generation to live a more healthy, cool and attitude life.



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