New momentum, new opportunities, Caixin business district opens a new chapter in the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized businesses

In the post epidemic era, new consumption patterns, new trading scenarios and new consumption demands are constantly reconstructing the traditional offline retail industry. In the wave of digital transformation, both the powerful large supermarkets and the small and medium-sized businesses scattered in the streets have seen the trend of industry change. However, due to the lack of effective operation means and Internet technology, small and medium-sized businesses with limited strength are difficult to stand on the same starting line with large enterprises. Therefore, small and medium-sized businesses should learn to make full use of the emerging digital management platform, gradually realize the real integration of retail business and emerging technologies, and win a place for themselves in the new opportunities.

At present, there are many digital management platforms to solve the pain points of small and medium-sized businesses. They constantly innovate business models based on the three retail elements of people, goods and stores, help small and micro stores realize intelligent operation, reshape the interaction mode between stores and users by means of big data cloud computing, and build a new retail ecosystem for small and micro stores through all-round marketing.

Taking Caixin business circle as an example, after using Caixin business circle, small and medium-sized businesses gradually change from product oriented to user data driven. Through the analysis results of big data provided by the platform, small and medium-sized businesses have a clearer understanding of user portraits, and through targeted services, they have achieved the goal of keeping the old and pulling the new, which has a significant role in driving performance growth.

It is understood that Caixin business district is a digital product of Shanghai Caixin Network Technology Co., Ltd., which aims at market expansion, business drainage, user sharing, supply chain service and store management for small and medium-sized micro businesses. It takes aggregate payment as the entrance and “payment +” service mode as the drive, and continuously empowers nearly 500000 businesses. From external operation to internal management, the smart operation experience of small, medium and micro businesses will be continuously improved.

With the acceleration of digital transformation in all walks of life, small and medium-sized micro businesses have to change their thinking, actively embrace Internet technology, with the help of convenient intelligent terminals and professional guidance, in order to reduce the cost of digital transformation, shorten the transformation cycle and improve the success rate of transformation. So choosing a suitable digital platform is the key to transformation and upgrading.

Caixin business district, covering more than 30 cities such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Hunan, has become a mature platform in the industry after continuous market test. Its high-quality, sophisticated and cutting-edge R & D team of nearly 100 people can not only provide professional technical support for small, medium and micro businesses, but also solve the problems in the process of business transformation through one-to-one services, so as to maximize the transaction value. So the choice is the key. If you choose the right tool, you can avoid many detours and get twice the result with half the effort.


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