The new Wyeth Qifu is listed, leading the maternal and infant industry to become an innovative application of OPN active protein formula powder

In the post epidemic period, the research on the immune protective function of breast milk has been highly valued by the medical community. On April 15, the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, Vol. 39, No. 4, was officially published. It published a literature review on the research progress of human milk active ingredient osteopontin (OPN). Combined with the frontier achievements of breast milk research and mature and rigorous clinical practice, it was confirmed that OPN active protein is an important immune protein in breast milk, which has an important effect on intestinal growth, immune regulation and immune function in early life It plays an important role in the phylogeny. On April 18, Wyeth nutrition, the leader of the maternal and infant industry, applied OPN active protein, the frontier achievement of the research on the active function of breast milk, and announced that a new generation of product “Qifu Yunchun” was officially launched. At the same time, it selected rare natural A2 cow milk source, and inherited the classic active ingredients of Qifu, OPO active structural fat and gsmo active milk source fat, providing colostrum like milk for the healthy growth of babies Legendary protection, leading infant formula into a new era of human friendly, leading the new trend of maternal and infant industry research. Once the product is on the market, it has aroused great attention from the industry and the public.


New Qifu Yunchun listed

OPN active protein has become one of the most cutting-edge upsurge in the field of active function of breast milk in the world

In recent years, with the deepening of global research on breast milk and the continuous pursuit of cutting-edge scientific formula in the consumer market, the research findings on breast milk are also bringing forth new ones. Since last year, OPN active protein has become a research hotspot, which plays an important role in the early growth and development of life, as well as the immune protective effect with other active components of breast milk, such as OPO active structural lipids, gsmo active milk derived lipids, and so on.

On April 15, the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, a professional academic journal of Pediatrics, published an article entitled “research progress of human milk active ingredient osteopontin (OPN)” in the latest issue, which was reviewed by Dr. Zhu Jing, deputy director of food nutrition and function evaluation center of Beijing Institute of nutrition sources. Wang Zhixu, a medical doctor and nutritionist, and Shanghai Children’s Medicine Affiliated to Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University were interviewed Chen Tongxin, chief physician of Department of allergy and immunology. Through clinical data and other comprehensive empirical means, the three experts confirmed the important role of OPN active protein as an important active component of breast milk in early life growth and health.

Previously, the important nutritional value of OPN active protein has aroused heated discussion in the field of nutrition and science. Zhang Yumei, Professor of Department of nutrition and food hygiene of Peking University, once said at the 2020 annual conference of Chinese Nutrition Society on maternal and child nutrition that “OPN active protein, as an important immune protein in colostrum, plays an important role in infant’s early intestinal development, immune regulation, reducing fever, promoting brain and brain function It plays an important role in cognitive development Professor Duan Tao, chief obstetrician of Shanghai first maternal and child health care hospital, Chen Hongwu, chief physician of Neonatology of Nanfang Hospital, Professor Feng Yi, deputy chief physician of Clinical Nutrition Department of Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, Jin Yan, nutritionist of Shanghai International Peace Maternal and child health care hospital, and many other pediatricians and nutritionists from all over the country have discussed the role of OPN active protein in early life development Explanation.


Professor Zhang Yumei explains the key role of OPN active protein in early life


Professor Chen Tongxin delivered a speech on the influence of bioactive components of breast milk on early immune structure of infants

“Ten years sharpen one sword” brand new “Wyeth Qifu” becomes the first innovative application of OPN active protein in formula powder

As a pioneer leader in the maternal and infant industry, Wyeth nutrition has more than 100 years of experience in breast milk research. In the process of deepening the cultivation of breast milk, Wyeth’s research focus also keeps pace with the times. In the past few years, Wyeth nutrition has gradually deepened from the early research on breast milk nutrition to the excavation of immune components in breast milk, and has always been committed to transforming cutting-edge scientific research achievements into new solutions for maternal and infant nutrition Tianci nutrition brings thousands of Chinese babies through scientific research strength.

Wyeth is closely following the global research hotspots. On April 18, Wyeth held a new product launch conference of its super high-end brand Qifu, officially announcing the successful application of OPN active protein, the latest trend and research achievement in the research of immune protective function of breast milk. This brand-new Qifu Yunchun is rich in breakthrough OPN active protein, which can enter the intestinal tract and blood circulation, activate the systemic immune cells, effectively reduce the incidence of fever by 50%, and bring colostrum like immune protection to the baby. At the same time, Qifu Yunchun uses only about 30% of the rare A2 cow milk source, which is strictly selected through DNA testing, and the protein molecular structure is closer to that of the mother Milk, natural and easy to absorb, makes the belly more comfortable; in addition, the new product also inherits the classic active ingredient of Qifu, OPO active structural fat + gsmo active milk source fat, absorbs and takes away harmful bacteria, helps beneficial bacteria to proliferate, and strengthens baby’s intestinal immunity. Qifu Yunchun not only realizes the innovation in the technology of affinity to human body and close to breast milk, but also brings all-round legendary protection like colostrum for the healthy growth of Chinese babies.


Launch ceremony of Qifu Yunchun listing

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the birth of Wyeth’s super high-end brand, Qifu. In the past decade, Qifu has always led the industry in innovation and improvement. It has benefited from the investigation of maternal and infant nutrition and health in China by Wyeth, Peking University and other universities, as well as 16 clinical trials carried out in cooperation with clinicians and universities around the world, Qifu continues to make breakthroughs in the research field of breast milk activity and function. From the first proposal of active structural fat OPO and active milk source fat gsmo, to the decryption of OPN active protein, an important immune protein in colostrum, Qifu has successively launched outstanding products with cutting-edge human friendly technology formula, which are widely trusted and favored by consumers.

From discovery to clinical demonstration, a number of high-quality research projects demonstrated the actual feeding effect

After a number of studies by authoritative research institutions around the world, OPN active protein plays an important role in intestinal growth, immune regulation and nervous system development in early life. OPN active protein, as an important active component of breast milk, has the highest content not only in colostrum, but also in breast milk of Chinese mothers; Its activity can reach the intestines directly, enhance the intestinal immune protective barrier of the baby, and can be directly digested and absorbed into the blood to activate the systemic immune cells of the baby; It is a more valuable and more direct immunoreactive protein than lactoferrin. It is proved that the OPN incidence rate of 50% of children can be reduced by clinical randomized controlled study. Animal behavior test also shows that the active protein has certain effects on the brain structure development and behavior.

Wyeth has always attached importance to the clinical research on the effect of formula feeding. A randomized controlled study on 387 young children in China conducted by Wyeth and Peking University showed that A2 cow milk formula was easy to digest and well tolerated, especially for children with mild gastrointestinal discomfort, significant improvement of gastrointestinal comfort was observed on the 7th and 14th day of the study, especially constipation, diarrhea, diarrhea and diarrhea Flatulence, abdominal distension and other gastrointestinal symptoms were improved. Children’s intestines are comfortable and their emotions are improved. In this study, Wyeth OPN active protein + A2 cow milk formula was used.

The research continues, and a number of high-quality innovative research projects demonstrate the clinical feeding effect

The exploration will not stop here. Qifu will continue to explore the important immune active ingredients in breast milk, and continue to bring innovative formula on the basis of the existing. At the launch press conference of Qifu Yunchun, Dr. Ryan Carvalho, chief medical officer of Nestle group, also announced that Lima, a clinical research project related to Qifu Yunchun, will be officially launched. The project will study OPN and other active ingredients, and further explain the scientific evidence of the positive impact of OPN active protein on infant intestinal, immune and overall nutritional health status by analyzing the changes of infant fecal microbiota, immune related indicators, gastrointestinal comfort and quality of life.


Ryan Carvalho, chief medical officer of Nestle group announced the launch of Qifu Yunchun clinical research project

“Respect breast milk, study breast milk, learn breast milk”. In the future, Wyeth will make further research on revealing the mystery of breast milk and restoring the essence of breast milk, and explore the mystery of nutrition demand in the early 1000 days of life; It will also continue to lead the new trend of breast milk research and lead the industry to provide comprehensive nutritional care and care for tens of millions of Chinese babies.



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