Apple TV 4K officially released A12 chip, supporting HDR

April 21, 2021 driving China News 2021 is being held, the rhythm of the press conference is flying, and the third new product, Apple TV 4K, is officially released, with 32GB $179 and 64GB $199.

Apple TV 4K正式发布 A12芯片,支持HDR

The new model is expected to use A12 chip, support HDR, Dolby vision, play more smoothly. Now the iPhone will work with Apple TV. Siri remote control has also been redesigned, a new remote control design, circular control.

There’s also a new feature that supports iPhone calibration. Just put the iPhone on the TV without more complicated operation.

Apple TV 4K正式发布 A12芯片,支持HDR

You can also use the iPhone sensor to color the TV. It’s on sale from $179 on April 30.



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