Budweiser’s new liquor and beverage categories

Beijing business daily (reporter Zhao Shuping intern reporter Zhao Dan) in April 21st, Beijing Business Daily reporter learned from Budweiser beer department, Budweiser Asia Pacific officially announced in Shanghai and well-known well-known brand of brand of dragon fire cinnamon, and will become dragon dragon cinnamon whisky and other high-end liquor brands with the group’s exclusive distributor in Chinese mainland. In addition, Budweiser Asia Pacific will also introduce other famous liquor brands such as Buffalo footprint and goldschlager.

It is understood that Budweiser has already started its diversified layout. China and Austria Red Bull reached a strategic cooperation on the day before signing the agreement between Budweiser Asia Pacific and dragon dragon cinnamon, and formally signed the exclusive right of distribution of Austria Red Bull in Chinese mainland.

Beijing business daily noted that Huolong cinnamon whisky, a liquor brand with high-end positioning, ranks among the top 40 in the world and is well-selling in more than 90 countries. Red Bull of Austria entered China in 2014, with rapid growth in various sales channels and established mature teams and sales channels.

Budweiser believes that the addition of fire dragon cinnamon whisky and other liquor brands will enrich its Asia Pacific high-end product matrix. After the expansion of product categories, Budweiser Asia Pacific will provide better development prospects for dealers. In addition, Budweiser Asia Pacific is a leader in the field of high-end beverages. Through category expansion, Budweiser will provide consumers with more diversified experiences and lay a solid foundation for the future high-end process.

In the view of Lin Feng, chairman of Jundu excellent consulting agency, Budweiser’s new products are related to the upgrading and transformation of China’s consumption structure. In terms of channels, Budweiser can share with new products, especially nightclub channels.

It is worth noting that at present, there are international brands that have been deeply cultivated for many years in the domestic liquor market and domestic brands that entered the market earlier. The domestic red bull market is mainly controlled by Huabin group, Yangyuan group and Pusheng food. Facing the existing cooperative product lines of spirits and functional drinks, Budweiser still faces some challenges in introducing new products beyond the public’s cognition, and realizing channel and resource integration with Budweiser beer.

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