Will you buy Sony ps5 in Chongqing store?



As the graphics card has become a financial product, a rtx3060 has been fired to more than 7000 yuan, so many original PC game players have turned their eyes to Sony ps5.

索尼PS5国行机上架重庆实体店 你会买国行吗?

Recently, a passer-by’s photo of Chongqing Jingdong electric super experience store’s ps5 on the shelves attracted the majority of host players. Since the launch of ps5 on China’s official website, the domestic host players have been full of expectations. Now, the time has already entered the range of April to June 2021 as mentioned by the official blog. It must be not far away from the official launch.

As an e-commerce platform favored by young people and gathering a large number of new trend products, we believe that Jingdong will have a place in the list of the starting positions of Sony Guoxing ps5. Let’s look forward to the arrival of the official launch day!

Author: Zhang Fan



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