Second bargain straight down 1000 yuan! Come to Jingdong and buy a smart education book for children!

Parents can’t bear the burden of their children’s learning guidance and quit the parent group This kind of topic is the old regular visitor of “hot search”, which can cause parents to make complaints about each other. However, make complaints about Tucao to make complaints about the core problem. Objectively speaking, only relying on paper teaching aids and old experience to complete learning is only applicable to our childhood learning model, not to today’s children. After all, when they are dealing with their daily homework, they need all kinds of materials and a lot of expanding knowledge. They can’t do it just by reading textbooks. What’s more, they can’t do it easily?

Some parents choose to send their children to all kinds of cram schools because they “want their children to win at the starting line” or “don’t want to see their children do their homework. In fact, smart parents all know that it’s not smart to bury children’s childhood and youth in cram school, and the harm is not much stated. We just try to find a good helper who can be more efficient and fun at the same time! HP intelligent education is such a learning tool that breaks the “stereotypes”. Whether it is hardware configuration or software design, it is tailored to meet children’s free, efficient and interesting learning.

Light smart, excellent sense of experience, powerful learning partner!

High stack of textbooks has been too heavy, so the notebook for children, of course, should be light and portable enough. The thinnest part of HP intelligent education book is only 18mm. It’s not as thick as a book. Its light weight is only 1.61kg. It’s easy to carry it out in a schoolbag. In addition, children’s aesthetics are great, and they tend to be more picky than adults when choosing personal items. HP intelligent education, which is “simple and advanced”, has a good grasp of color matching, design and texture, which can make children cheer for it!

The better the laptop screen, the more “eye protection”, and the more “live feeling” when listening to the class. HP smart education is equipped with a 14 inch fhips full high-definition screen, which is more conducive to protecting eyesight than mobile phones and tablet computers, so that children can still see the screen clearly in the long-distance “eye protection” range, and parents are more at ease. Coupled with Danish Brand B & amp; o tuning, children’s online class is more immersive, and they can roam in the ocean of knowledge like on-site lectures.

What’s more, HP smart education also supports 360 flip and touch interaction! In short, the 360 flip function supports four use modes: notebook mode, standing mode, tent mode and tablet mode. With a touch pen, children can learn freely in a variety of comfortable ways. For example, when using the tablet mode, it’s easier to take notes in class. After class, you can switch to the tent mode to paint. It’s very artistic for a little painter The matching touch pen is also not simple. It is a 4096 pressure level touch pen, which can simulate the real writing effect. When it is used to write and draw, it has a very real hand feeling and won’t make children feel strange.

When children learn, they often need multiple tasks in parallel. For example, in the video tutoring class, they have to check materials, take notes, etc., and edit videos when sorting out knowledge points after class This requires the notebook to have hard core performance support. In view of this, HP intelligent education adopts the 11th generation Intel Core i5-1135g7 processor, adopts 10nm + enhanced technology and willowcove GPU architecture, and has 16gbddr43200mhz high-frequency dual memory channel and 512gbssd high-capacity solid-state hard disk to guarantee the speed and capacity, which can smoothly avoid the trouble of driving all kinds of stuck, and let children freely complete multi task learning, including smooth completion Become a higher level programming course. In addition, under the strict test conditions of mm18, the aircraft has a maximum standard battery life of 8.5 hours, which can meet the basic needs of the whole day. When charging, it only takes 30 minutes to be fully charged with 50% power, and it can quickly revive with full blood, so that children’s learning is too easy!

Tencent education software — from primary school to high school “accompany reading” power!

In the “accompanying reading” section, HP intelligent education has pre installed Tencent education software Tencent education application platform, which can play the role of “all-round teacher”. Generally speaking, the main content of Tencent education software is roughly divided into three parts: covering the whole subject question bank of primary and junior high schools; AI intelligent wrong questions, exercises, correction; learning situation analysis, so that parents can see. Let’s talk about the function application of these pieces of content in detail.

First of all, the educational resources of Tencent education software cover primary schools, junior high schools and senior high schools all over the country. It has a total of eight disciplines including Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, history, geography and biology. All teaching materials have synchronous professional micro lecture explanation. Based on the background of the big platform, the quality of its courses is of course the worry among the best. The best and most complete question banks in the country are all concentrated here. After HP intelligent education book is configured, children can find detailed explanation on the knowledge points that they miss listening and memorizing and don’t understand in the school classroom. In other words, children will have personal “private teaching” to explain the content for themselves unlimited times from now on! In this way, parents don’t have to be dazzled by all kinds of educational resources, and they are not afraid to worry about their inability to help their children learn.

Then, when children take advantage of the fragmented time to conduct a thorough test and repeatedly “brush the questions”, HP smart education also has some tips to help children solve such problems as “repeated questions and repeated mistakes”! Its built-in Tencent education software not only covers 10 million + real test questions, simulated test questions and secret papers of famous teachers, but also integrates AI intelligent error book and AI personalized practice test functions During the practice, the system will automatically collect the “wrong book” and provide examples to help children overcome learning difficulties. By doing exercises, the system will also record the children’s learning track, and train the error prone questions repeatedly, so as to help the children clear the blind spots of knowledge in a planned and accurate way! After this kind of scientific and clear “brush topic”, children’s learning methods will be efficient.

In addition, the tutoring homework is too high, so it needs to be corrected automatically? HP intelligent education can also do it – Tencent education software Tencent education application platform supports evaluation on the test, and can also intelligently correct Chinese and English compositions in a variety of dimensions, which is simply a magic weapon for parents! In addition, Tencent education software can also allow parents to participate in “teaching students in accordance with their aptitude”, because the learning files generated according to the children’s learning situation can clearly and objectively evaluate the knowledge firmness, knowledge proficiency, thinking and initiative, learning habits and other dimensions, which can make parents clearly understand the children’s learning situation, so as to select a more suitable learning environment for their children The content of learning.


Children’s in class “study class”, extracurricular “guidance class”, weekend “interest class” Hewlett Packard intelligent education can be a contract, it is to enable children to master the scientific and effective way of intelligent learning God assists! With the development of children’s learning interest and habits, will the road of learning hegemony be far away? At the same time, parents can also find “famous teachers” who worry about their children’s learning, and their life will be much easier. Just as it happens, this notebook, which makes children no longer make waves and parents no longer ride the wind and waves, is now sold in Suning Jingdong for RMB xxx96999, and the price is RMB xxx95999 at 0:00 on March 10. The price performance ratio is simply invincible. I hope smart parents can start in time!

Author: Lin Lin



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