The net profit of Zhejiang Danong in 2020 will decline by 10.33%, and the depreciation of US dollar will cause exchange loss

On April 21, Zhejiang Danong (831855) recently released its 2020 annual report. During the reporting period, the company achieved an operating income of 252294968.78 yuan, up 9.25% year on year; The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company was 32589748.21 yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 10.33%.

浙江大农2020年净利下滑10.33% 美元贬值产生汇兑损失

During the reporting period, the net cash flow from operating activities was 64564151.73 yuan, and the net assets belonging to shareholders of listed companies were 345115954.95 yuan by the end of 2020.

During the reporting period, the company incurred financial expenses of 4955355.02 yuan, an increase of 1173.87% over the same period of last year. The main reason is that in 2020, due to the depreciation of the US dollar and other factors, the exchange loss was about 5.5275 million yuan.

During the reporting period, the company incurred a credit impairment loss of 588299.46 yuan, an increase of 761.92% over the same period last year. The main reasons are: the income in the fourth quarter of 2020 increased year-on-year, resulting in an increase in the balance of accounts receivable at the end of the period compared with that at the beginning of the year, and an increase in bad debt loss. The base of credit impairment loss in the same period last year was low, resulting in a larger increase in the current period.

During the reporting period, the loss of asset impairment increased by 65.34%, mainly because the company increased the loss of inventory depreciation in order to strengthen inventory management and clean up the dead goods.

During the reporting period, other income decreased by 31.21%, mainly because: in 2019, 1.07 million yuan of subsidy income related to assets will be recognized at one time, and there will be no related matters in 2020.

According to the data of, Zhejiang Danong focuses on the R & D, production and sales of cleaning and plant protection machinery. Relying on key elements such as technical advantages, product advantages and industrial cluster advantages, it takes high-pressure plunger pump and high-pressure cleaning machine as core products, plant protection machinery and functional parts as auxiliary business, and faces international famous customers such as Koshin Ltd. of Japan and mi-t-m Corporation of the United States, Take “MTO” mode, most of the products are sold to customers in ODM / OEM mode.



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