Oppo air tag products exposed, support charging, more environmentally friendly

In the early morning of this morning, Apple released the air tag anti loss pendant, which aroused heated discussion, and the domestic manufacturers’ action was also very fast. The blogger @ digital chat station today exposed an oppo like air tag engineering sample.

OPPO类Air Tag产品曝光,支持充电更环保

The blogger said: “green factory also has a tag based on UWB, and supports C-Port charging. Unlike Apple’s airtag, which needs to replace the button battery, it is more environmentally friendly and has different functionality. The purpose of apple is to prevent loss. It sells more than 200 apples. Is it really needed.

OPPO类Air Tag产品曝光,支持充电更环保

It can be seen from the existing engineering samples that oppo has been setting up projects for such products for a long time, rather than following apple. Combined with the current heat of discussion, it can be predicted that this industry is likely to become the next hot spot.

Author: Chen Muliang



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