Oppo and Oscar to explore new possibilities of find x3

On March 9, oppo officially announced that it would join hands with Eddie Redmayne, the best actor of the Academy Awards, to open a mysterious plan to explore more possibilities of images. The specific plan will be announced at the find X3 series launch on March 11.

OPPO联手奥斯卡影帝探索Find X3影像新可能

Oppo find X3 series will adopt 1 billion color double main camera, support 1 billion color depth acquisition, can record more rich colors, with full link 10bit color engine, image color has a new breakthrough. Oppo find X3 series will also be equipped with 1 billion color screen, so that users can capture 1 billion colors, store 1 billion colors and see 1 billion colors.

OPPO联手奥斯卡影帝探索Find X3影像新可能

What new possibilities will oppo find X3’s breakthrough image upgrade, together with Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne’s superb acting skills and careful speculation of the characters’ hearts, explore? The mysterious plan to be launched is worth looking forward to.

OPPO联手奥斯卡影帝探索Find X3影像新可能

Oppo also officially announced the exterior design of find X3 series, which realizes the warm feel of enamel mirror black through oc0 curved glass coating process, bringing “impossible curved surface” and natural round feel. With the support of various hard core configurations, oppo find X3 series can still keep the weight below 200g and the thickness below 9mm, and still maintain a relatively light handle.

Oppo find X3 series will have a full range of experience upgrading. Interested friends can pay attention to the new product launch of find X3 series held at 19:30 on March 11.

Author: Liu mingpeng



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