Oppo’s exclusive launch of VRS technology, high image quality and long endurance

The fast power consumption of mobile phones and the heat jam have always been a headache for large-scale 3D mobile game enthusiasts. Therefore, many players had no choice but to reduce the image quality to ensure the smooth current saving.

Today (April 22), oppo, Qualcomm and Netease jointly announced that find X3 Pro is equipped with VRS variable resolution rendering technology. It will hopefully solve the players’ pain points.

According to the official introduction, through VRS technology, the rendering performance of find X3 pro in Tianyu game can be improved by up to 30%, and the game frame rate can be improved as high as 38.1%. It can effectively reduce the power consumption in full frame state, bringing players high image quality and long-term game experience at the same time.


It is understood that variable resolution rendering (VRS) is a new feature supported by snapdragon 888 mobile platform, which allows the shader program to color in groups of 2 or 4 pixels, and reuse the coloring results for surrounding pixels. Through variable resolution rendering, the total number of coloring pixels of the game can be reduced by 40%, which greatly reduces the workload of GPU.


Using the characteristics of VRS, using oppo find X3 pro to play Tianyu mobile game, on the premise that the game does not limit the frame rate, when VRS is turned on for the whole picture, the frame rate of the game is increased by 38% from 67 frames to 88 frames. Compared with the picture before and after opening, the visual effect has almost no obvious impact.

In addition, VRS technology can also distinguish and render materials, such as VRS processing for professional special effects in the game, and the game screen is increased from 88 frames to 92 frames; For VRS processing of surface materials in mobile games, the game frame rate has been increased from 110 frames to 119 frames.

For the game that has been running in full frame, the reduction of GPU workload can effectively reduce the power consumption of the game and bring longer endurance for the players.


Vrs-1×1 (each color block is colored separately) 63.7fps


Vrs-1×2 (coloring every two color blocks) 88fps

In addition to the world’s first launch of variable resolution rendering technology, oppo find X3 Pro is also equipped with oppo’s self-developed o-sync super frequency response technology. Based on the characteristics of ltpo screen, the synchronization frequency between screen and processor in the game can be increased to three times, and the delay can be reduced from 30-40ms to 5-10ms, making the game touch more convenient, Touch performance close to “zero delay” can greatly improve the control experience of FPV mobile games.


We also learned from the official that as early as the release of Xiaolong 888 mobile platform, oppo team had the idea of applying VRS technology to its products, quickly set up a technical team, and finally launched the Tianyu mobile game with VRS technology in find X3 pro, which will have a one month exclusive period.


Author: Chen Muliang



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