Which is better? Crazy dog leads the development of new domestic pet products with quality



Product quality is the most concerned issue of pet owners. Because imported brands have entered the Chinese pet market for a long time and have high standards, they are more trusted by pet owners. In contrast, domestic dog food, which started late and relied on workshop production in the early stage, led to uneven quality, had low consumer safety trust. Ten or twenty years ago, the consumption power of Chinese pet people was at a low level. To feed pets, as long as there was a stuttering, it was good. Therefore, the cheap domestic dog food also had a broad market. Nowadays, with the improvement of consumers’ living standards and scientific pet raising awareness, the market of low-cost domestic food is shrinking, and the new domestic products of quality pet are ushering in the spring.

Which dog food is better? The sales volume of crazy dog, a pet brand, is in the lead in China. Its annual sales volume has jumped from 3.3 million yuan in 2014 to 1.2 billion yuan in 2019. In 2020, Shuang 11 will gain 80 million yuan in sales volume on major e-commerce platforms. Crazy puppies not only have accessible sales channels and emotional brand expression, but also have rich product supply and high standard product quality. Therefore, they can stand out in the competitive pet market and lead the new domestic pet products with quality.

Focus on market research, product development refinement

Which is good for dog food? On February 23, 2021, crazy dog launched a new product “four flavors and multi functions”. This product is specially customized for multi dog families. The 10kg large package contains four packages and four flavors, opening a new generation of dog food 3.0, which is innovative and customized to meet specific consumer needs. The product development of crazy dog is inseparable from detailed market data research. The market research of Siwei duoneng lasted for 90 days. 450 pet owners put forward their opinions on dog food, and finally came to three demand directions, including a bag of multi flavor, high cost performance and other demands. Finally, the research and development of Siwei duoneng was born.


On the basis of market research, crazy dog selects raw materials for production, and the ingredients are 100% traceable, which lays a good foundation for product quality. For example, the high-end product “Wugu Youneng” series uses raw materials such as “fresh complete chicken and fresh complete duck”. The raw materials are different from the traditional meat powder. It reproduces the slaughtering, rapid processing and other production processes, and provides the freshest food materials for pets. At the same time, crazy dog pays attention to scientific research and healthy formula, dog food nutrition is comprehensive and balanced, meet the American AAFCO standard.

Which dog food is better? Product development is the basis of production. A dog food product that meets the market demand and has a certain degree of functional innovation will have a greater chance of winning the favor of consumers. Whether it is the 2020 fresh meat series or the 2021 multi dog family food, it shows the keen market sense and R & D strength of crazy dog.

Build a “Transparent Factory” and strictly control the production process

Which is better? Crazy dog’s main sales position is online, while self built factory is a development road far away from e-commerce’s asset light mode. However, due to the continuous expansion of domestic pet industry scale and more fierce competition, the traditional OEM production mode can not meet the high standard of product quality control. In order to continue to maintain its advantage in the market, crazy dog has invested a lot of money to build its own factory since 2016, gradually reducing the proportion of OEM production. At present, crazy dog 1.0 factory has been fully built in Suzhou, Anhui Province. It is equipped with 400 square meters of product R & D experimental center, 8000 square meters of high-tech production workshop and 12000 square meters of standardized production base, providing perfect hardware facilities for quality production.


Dog food which good? Crazy dog 1.0 factory named “an Chong factory”, take “peace of mind, safety” meaning. The production chain is composed of raw material warehouse, production warehouse, storage warehouse, packing warehouse and testing center. In the raw material warehouse, protein meal, meat and bone meal, meat paste and fish meal are stacked in an orderly manner. The whole process contactless automation equipment is imported from overseas at a high price. It is highly intelligent. Only a small number of operators are required to put the raw materials into the feeding area, and the equipment can automatically complete the whole process of puffing, baking and other pet grain production. All operators wear sterile clothes and hats to ensure food safety in the production process. Classic series, Pinpai series, Wugu Youneng, egg yolk duopin and other popular staple foods are all from anchong factory, providing comfort food for the most consumers of crazy dog.

In and out of the factory full toxin detection, the third party authority guarantee

Due to the long production chain of pet food, in order to ensure the quality and safety of raw materials, production and appearance, crazy dog has established a multi-dimensional, high standard and strict testing procedure in product testing. Through the self inspection and authoritative annual inspection at six levels of the factory, the brand quality food has been built to the maximum extent. Crazy dog production enterprises have passed ISO22000 and ISO9001 quality certification, and all new products have been inspected by third-party external testing institutions, and quality inspection reports have been generated. The finished products are sampled several times a month to detect the nutrition index, toxin index, heavy metal index, microorganism and other indicators, and generate the quality inspection report. In addition, raw materials in the factory inspection center to detect conventional toxins, finished products factory full batch of toxins detection. Multiple strict quality inspection process will escort the quality of pet grain.


Which is better for dog food? In order to transmit product testing information to consumers in a more timely manner, crazy dog has set up a special brand quality inspection report zone on wechat platform “crazy dog official wechat”, in which the testing report of crazy dog is publicized every month, For example, the product test report in January includes the third-party authoritative test report of crazy dog, small dog fresh meat soft food, snack series, tooth cleaning stick and other products, so that all brand consumers can purchase and use crazy dog’s products at ease.

With the rapid development of China’s pet consumer market, fierce competition will inevitably lead to extensive development and lack of standards. Chinese pet brands need to stick to product quality and product innovation. Crazy dog implemented this persistence with action, and set a model for the quality development path of new domestic pet brand.



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