Do a little thing for the earth! HP does a lot of “little things”

Pconline learned that HP has released its latest commitment to sustainable development – “HP climate action goals” on the occasion of the 52nd world earth day. HP promises to implement a series of long-term sustainable development strategies and launch green products and services. Under the guidance of this goal, China Hewlett Packard has recently launched an initiative to “do a little thing for the earth” to fulfill its commitment. It is understood that the newly released “HP climate action target” deeply analyzes the current situation of the environment, proposes to focus on carbon emissions, resource reuse and forest protection, and establishes the specific implementation time.

In fact, HP has already integrated environmental protection into all aspects of its business and operation. While ensuring revenue growth, it can reduce carbon emissions and resource consumption, constantly innovate product design and business model, and promote industrial innovation, which also provides a valuable model for the technology industry in carbon neutral action. For example, pay attention to the recycling of printing consumables and hardware, and use renewable and recyclable materials in product design.

In order to further enhance the awareness of forest protection and call on more forces to join in the action of low-carbon emission reduction, based on the new climate action goal, China Hewlett Packard launched an online and offline linkage tree planting activity with the theme of “doing a little thing for the earth”. Consumers exchange virtual trees for real seedlings online, while HP plants them offline in its name. It is understood that more than 4000 people have actively participated in online tree planting within seven days of the launch of the activity.

On the eve of world earth day, at the tree planting site in Beijing, volunteers planted trees themselves and witnessed the completion of a “HP forest”.

At the event site, WWF also sent experts to explain to the volunteers the importance of forests in promoting low-carbon emission reduction.

Dong Guangpeng, chief marketing officer of HP Greater China, said, “as a leading technology enterprise in the world, HP has been committed to playing a positive role in the sustainable development of the earth, and the new green commitment of” HP climate action goal “will continue to lead us to better practice the concept of environmental protection and low carbon in the whole value chain, Let business growth go hand in hand with sustainable development. “

HP is expected to plant tens of thousands of new saplings this year. It is worth mentioning that since 2019, HP has joined hands with WWF to launch the HP sustainable forest cooperation program. The plan aims to restore, protect and conserve more than 200000 acres of forests in China and Brazil by the end of 2024.

Author: Li Fei


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