Open and win win, Xinwang bank “universal connector” mode

No matter what kind of personality, no matter what kind of properties of the company, all need a universal connector, converter to connect and adapt. Xinwang bank hopes to be the connector and converter from the very beginning.

Different from the two “Internet banking giants” of Weizhong and e-commerce and other private banks, the most special feature of Xinwang bank is that from the beginning of its establishment, it has built its own overall open system by relying on its own business development ability, product development ability, digital risk control ability and rapid information response ability to obtain and serve customers.

Let the scene belong to the scene, the finance belong to the finance, and the customer can choose and pay independently.

Now many banks or financial technology companies are committed to the scene, and regard the scene as the “moat” of financial services or retail financial services. In fact, what needs financial services is not scenes, but people. A user with real demand for financial services is the foundation of financial services.

The “universal connector” mode of Xinwang bank is an exploration of opening banking business, “independent of shareholder resources, single scene traffic, and traditional deposit and loan interest margin”. Through API, credit, payment, risk control, credit investigation, and big data are packaged into multiple types of financial function modules to connect various types of scene traffic. For C-end customers, the open platform embeds financial services into various Internet scenarios with standardized interfaces, realizes the virtualization and ubiquitous of financial service entrance, and enables users to obtain financial services in the cloud and within reach anytime and anywhere; For b-end partners, it encapsulates various business capabilities of account, payment and risk control, and outputs them in a modular and organized way, so that the partners can quickly have the ability of “self financing”.

Up to now, Xinwang bank has more than 100 cooperative institutions through opening API interface, including China Mobile, ant financial services, Didi travel, Ctrip and other large institutions, fully extending the consumer finance scene; More than 40 cooperative institutions, including industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Huaxia Bank, jointly meet the financing needs of users in the fields of car purchase, education, transportation, e-commerce shopping, tourism, home decoration and other consumer fields, as well as in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, production and operation, and help accelerate the promotion of digital Inclusive Finance.



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