Probably the cheapest 800mm cannon, Canon rf800mm is less than 6800 yuan

In the past, the ultra telephoto fixed focus head was known as the “giant gun” because of its powerful shape. However, the biggest feature of Canon rf800mm F11 is STM in appearance is its lightness. It is not only easy to carry, but also convenient for hand-held shooting, which greatly improves the portability and operability. In order to ensure the light operation and stable grip, the lens is equipped with a lens control ring which can quickly adjust the exposure compensation, ISO sensitivity, shutter speed and other shooting parameters, so as to avoid missing the fleeting moment. At the same time, it also has a focus range selection switch, a focus mode lever and an anti shake switch. RF800mm F11 IS STM adopts a new design style, highlighting the more practical and simple features. The front end of the lens is treated with leather texture finish, which is tactile and comfortable. At the same time, it also has the effect of restraining slipping, fingerprint stains and scratches. In addition, the lens adopts a retractable design. In order to quickly switch the lens from the retracted storage state to the extended shooting state, the bottom of the lens is also equipped with Easy to operate rotary barrel locking ring. The total amount of Canon rf800mm F11 is STM is about 1260g. In the storage state, the lens length is about 101.6 × 281.8mm.

可能是最便宜800mm大炮 佳能RF800mm仅不到6800元

Secondly, the people-friendly price reduces the threshold of purchasing ultra telephoto lens, so that more users can appreciate the charm of ultra telephoto creation. Canon rf800mm F11 is STM ultra telephoto fixed focus lens adopts 8 groups of 11 pieces of optical lens structure. It also has do lens with good chromatic aberration compensation effect. The lens has hand jitter compensation effect equivalent to level 4 shutter speed, which can effectively compensate hand jitter and obtain clear image. The nearest focusing distance of the lens is about 6 meters, and the maximum magnification is about 0.14 times.

可能是最便宜800mm大炮 佳能RF800mm仅不到6800元

Canon rf800mm F11 is STM ultra telephoto fixed focus lens micro single lens

Jingdong price: 6798.00

Author: Shen Pei



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