Industry squeeze growth, provincial liquor leader needs to break through

This year’s spring sugar for provincial liquor is to seek export under the siege of famous liquor and sauce liquor. Beijing Business Daily reporter found that during the spring sugar period, famous wine and sauce wine were very popular. On the other hand, a number of provincial liquor leading enterprises participated in the theme forum and exhibition, and many liquor enterprise personages and experts focused on the challenges and growth path of provincial liquor leading enterprises under the trend of industry centralization.

行业挤压增长 省酒龙头亟待突围

It is understood that during the spring sugar period, Jingzhi liquor, Shuijingfang, golden seed liquor and other leading liquor enterprises in the province launched new products one after another. There were more than 10 enterprise related forums, and many dealers came to buy in the exhibition hall. Liu Yuan, vice president of China liquor circulation association, said that the Baijiu effect is obvious in liquor making industry, and the brand concentration has been strengthened. The competition in the local market and the layout of the national market have become more challenging.

Jin Yufeng, a Baijiu marketing expert, further pointed out that many famous liquor companies are now developing series of liquor, sub brands and sub brands, which will reduce the dimension of regional brands and further squeeze the market share.

Looking at the current Baijiu market structure, the first line of famous liquor is ploughing the market, and the channel sinks, we can use our brand effect to promote the market and divide the local market. In addition, the small market share of the province is also divided by small-scale wine enterprises. All these make the provincial liquor leading enterprises face the pressure of keeping the environment and protecting the environment.

It’s hard to defend the country, but it’s even harder to fight it. In terms of nationalization, Jinshiyuan liquor industry issued a mobilization order to march into the national market at the end of 2019, and Jiugui Liquor said in the 2020 semi annual report that it would continue to promote the national marketing of “internal reference” brand. In addition, yingjiagong liquor, highland barley liquor and other provincial liquor leading liquor enterprises have launched corresponding brands or products for national layout.

However, according to the data of the 2020 semi annual report, the sales volume of the products of the provincial liquor enterprises in the market outside the province is mostly low, and the effect of nationalization is not good. In this case, many people from liquor enterprises explore the way out for leading liquor enterprises in Guangdong Province. Chai Jun, general manager of Sheng Chu group, pointed out that price is the nose of Baijiu marketing. The essence of brand upgrading is the upgrading of product price structure, and the essence of enterprise’s product strategy is price strategy. Whether provincial leading enterprises can gain a firm foothold in the region and become the best representative of price segment in the target region depends on whether they can lock in the strategic price and have a main product in a certain price segment.

Wu Wensheng, deputy general manager of site Liquor Co., Ltd., said that in the future, the promotion of personalized flavor and health value will become the lifeline for provincial leaders to compete with famous liquor. At the same time, enterprises should adhere to the high-end category and advocate the expression of unique quality proposition, which is the new driving force for provincial leading enterprises to break through.

At the exhibition, a dealer told Beijing Business Daily that the biggest problem of many leading wine enterprises in the province is the lack of large single products. Under the situation of consumption upgrading, enterprises should strengthen the brand and export strategic products, so that consumers can match their products at the mention of a wine enterprise.

The trend of concentration of the whole industry is accelerating, and it is further concentrated in advantageous brands, advantageous enterprises and advantageous production areas. The continued upgrading of Baijiu consumption has brought a new round of development opportunities for the high-end baijiu. In the future, only by grasping the core demands of the core group and developing online and offline, can the leading enterprises of provincial liquor be more likely to win in the fierce market.

Beijing Business News (reporter Zhao Dan)

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