Lu Weibing reveals K40 game version: screen is much more expensive than K40 hard screen!



Redmi K40 enhanced version of the game will be released on April 27. Redmi brand general manager @ Lu Weibing also announced some configurations of the machine on Weibo. In addition to the previously announced Tianji 1200 processor, powerful heat dissipation, X-axis motor, stereo sound effect, large power and fast charging, today it is revealed that the machine will adopt OLED flexible straight screen design.


At the same time, Lu Weibing also talked about the difference between cog and COF based on hard screen and cop based on flexible screen, and admitted that the cost of this scheme is much higher than that of K40 hard screen. The reason for this choice is to create a lighter game phone.


Blogger @ digital chat station also added that the screen will support 120Hz refresh and 480HZ three finger sampling rate, and the screen supplier is Huaxing optoelectronics. From the parameters that have been published, this screen is indeed quite similar to the screen specifications of the top version of Xiaomi 10.


Author: Chen Muliang



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