Good news for console game players! Jingdong united with Sony to customize x91j Game TV

On February 8, China’s Playstation officially announced that the ps5 of the National Bank of China will be listed from April to June 2021. Under the “endless calls” of many domestic game players, this meeting is finally coming.

Sony Playstation 5 game console has been on the market for nearly four months. It has top hardware configuration and is compatible with over 99% of PS4 game content. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the serious shortage of production capacity of Sony’s various generation factories and the crazy hoarding of cattle and other reasons, the ps5 is “hard to find one machine” in the distribution and after-sales.


This time it’s not easy to wait for ps5, so our peripherals can’t fall behind!

As an upgrade of Playstation 4 (PS4), ps5 has a significant improvement in hardware compared with the previous generation PS4. In order to achieve the best effect of game experience, players have higher requirements for TV equipment, such as low delay, dynamic compensation, variable frame rate, DTS audio analysis and other high-end functions. In addition, players also have high expectations for the color of the game, hoping that TV can bring enough wonderful and immersive game pictures. Only in this way can the performance advantages of ps5 be brought into full play, and players can get unprecedented super game experience.

When many players are worried about what peripherals to equip their “ps5”, here comes Jingdong’s exclusive customized Sony 4K intelligent game TV x91j! It’s another big surprise for console game players.

Yes, it’s for ps5! As a “game family” with game console and TV products at the same time, Sony has the technical advantages of the whole industry chain of “from lens to living room”. In addition, Jingdong platform has made use of its big data advantages to have a deep insight into the user’s needs, which helps Sony provide dual assistance for the production end and the consumer end. Sony’s XR cognitive chip on x91j is the latest flagship chip after x1, which can further refresh consumers’ audio-visual experience to a new height. It has incomparable attraction for users who have high requirements in audio-visual experience and game experience.

Ps5 and x91j are going back and forth to provide the most perfect game experience for all game players. With the revolutionary peripherals in this game scene, the experience of playing the game is definitely more than doubled. Arrangement!



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