Chip market demand exceeds supply, domestic chip manufacturers have announced price increases

Chip is the foundation and core of modern electronic information industry. Whether it is mobile phones, computers and home appliances, or 5g, Internet of things, cloud computing, are based on the continuous development of chip technology.

Affected by the international environment and industrial supply and demand, at present, the global chip supply shortage problem has attracted much attention. And Intel CEO pat Gelsinger also said recently that the global chip supply shortage situation may continue for another two years. Pat Kissinger said chip supply constraints will continue until more capacity is significantly increased.

In an increasingly complex international environment, competition in the field of science and technology has become an obvious trend, and domestic substitution will be the main development line of the semiconductor industry. At the same time, driven by the wave of “new infrastructure” and “new economy”, the demand of domestic science and technology enterprises for chips has become more and more strong with the development of the industry and the change of the ecological environment.

According to CCTV financial reports, many domestic home appliance manufacturers have begun to use domestic chips to prevent the risk of overseas chip failure. At present, the whole chip market is in short supply, domestic chip manufacturers have announced price increases.

Since the beginning of this year, the order volume of micro control chips has been very hot, especially for small household appliances. According to a person in charge of a micro control chip manufacturer in Shenzhen, the demand of the whole market has experienced a sharp growth of nearly 10 times. Due to the shortage of wafer and packaging resources, and the sharp rise in costs, many chip companies can not keep up with the production capacity for a while, so they have to give up some orders.

Recently, smart microelectronics and Ruixin micro, the domestic micro control chip manufacturers, have announced that they will increase the price of chip products in varying degrees from April 1. At the same time, ruinajie semiconductor, sensitive silicon microelectronics, huimang microelectronics and other manufacturers have also issued product price increase notice letters.

Industry insiders said that in the current situation of the shortage of micro control chip market, the domestic micro control chip industry chain is expected to further accelerate market expansion and increase product shipment to meet market demand.

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