Guo Shubo, vice president of ZTE: strive to increase performance by more than 60% in 2021

On April 22, ZTE officially launched a new generation of ZTE server products based on Intel’s latest Xeon scalable processors (ice lake Series). Including zxcloud r5300g4x general server and r5500g4x large storage server, with the characteristics of extreme performance, flexible expansion, stable and reliable, and minimal operation and maintenance, it will provide strong computing support for the digital transformation of Qianxing Baiye.

After the press conference, Guo Shubo, vice president of ZTE and general manager of the server storage product line, said in an interview that ZTE’s storage and servers have all achieved independent research and development, and the relevant products have not only made breakthroughs in the market scale of the three major operators, but also achieved large-scale sales in finance, energy, education, government, education and other industries. Strong product R & D capabilities, can provide a variety of computing platforms: Intel platform, amd platform, only a few domestic manufacturers with disk array storage real independent R & D capabilities.

Compared with the domestic server players, ZTE has a variety of competitiveness, including a variety of innovative design schemes for the whole series of servers to maximize computing power, improve storage capacity density, reduce energy consumption, simplify operation and maintenance, flexibly adapt to different application scenarios, and effectively reduce the procurement cost, room space and operation and maintenance cost; Provide E2E integrated solutions for the industry, provide customized solutions for the specific environment of the industry, and flexibly match the differentiated needs of thousands of industries; It has become the largest supplier of China Mobile for two consecutive years, and has been fully applied to the core business of China Mobile.

In the face of fierce market competition, Guo Shubo said that in 2021, ZTE will continue to strengthen product R & D and investment, launch more new servers that meet the market demand, continue to cultivate the market of operators, finance, electric power and other industries, actively expand the direction of the party and government, Internet and other industries, and strive to increase its performance by more than 60% in 2021 compared with 20 years. In the next three years, ZTE will further sharpen its three core capabilities, “product hard power”, “technological innovation” and “ecological cohesion”, and make full use of domestic and foreign government enterprises and operators’ markets to become the mainstream server and storage manufacturer.

At present, the digital transformation of all walks of life has become a trend, which will drive the server market into the rising channel. According to IDC’s forecast, the global data volume will reach 175zb by 2025. With the rapid development of digital applications, new changes have taken place in data resources, such as the explosive growth of data volume, the ubiquitous distribution of data resources and the continuous decline of application cost per bit of data. All these have brought strong impetus to the development of server storage market.

According to Guo Shubo, ZTE has been focusing on the research and development of server storage products since 2005. Based on decades of experience in CT hardware design and manufacturing and experience in software customization and development of telecom business zero interruption, ZTE is committed to creating high-quality server and storage products with “CT gene”. Facing the digital transformation of the industry, ZTE is determined to become the “road builder” of the digital economy. It has made full preparations in product research and development, supply chain and after-sales service, and has built a solid foundation for the digital transformation of all industries.

In terms of market, ZTE server has served more than 30 countries and regions around the world, covering operators, finance, government affairs, electric power, transportation and other industries. Guo Shubo said that ZTE has achieved a comprehensive layout in the financial industry, reached a lot of strategic cooperation with high-end financial customers, and made a good layout in the government affairs market, becoming the mainstream supplier of power grid and power companies. In 2021, ZTE will make full use of domestic and foreign government enterprises and operators’ markets, in addition to continuing to focus on the advantageous financial and power industries, It will also vigorously expand the Internet, education, industrial Internet and other fields.



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