Shangyue Technology: what’s the beauty of “dual engine” procurement digital service?

What is the biggest change in the field of enterprise level digital procurement in 2021?

“We are overwhelmed by the explosion of market demand.” But it is worth affirming that what Miao Feng, founder of Shangyue technology, said is not “Versailles”.

Looking at the whole market, as the impact of the epidemic is gradually fading, enterprises and organizations have fully resumed work and production. At the same time, with the implementation of the 14th five year plan, stepping into the digital era has become a national strategy. Whether or not to carry out digital transformation is no longer a problem. The question before us is: how to carry out digital work efficiently. As a result, the demand for digital transformation is expanding, and there is no doubt that purchasing, an important part of digital transformation, will usher in a demand explosion.

Facing the huge digital demand market of procurement, how to become an excellent service provider and even the leader of the industry, Shangyue style “product + service double engine” is lighting up a new idea for the industry.

“The world’s martial arts, only fast not broken”

If you want to use one word to summarize Shangyue’s “secret”, China software net thinks it is “fast”.

“Fast” plays an important role in many cases, as well as in the transformation and upgrading of enterprise digitalization. It can be said that to some extent, cost reduction and efficiency increase of digital enabling enterprises and organizations are inseparable from “fast”.

In the enterprise and organization procurement, “fast” is the core of management. As early as in the information age, the demand of enterprise organization for efficient procurement has been reflected incisively and vividly. But in fact, whether using ERP to build a procurement management system or SRM management tools… A lot of work has been done, and the fundamental problems such as cumbersome and inefficient procurement process have not been well solved. One of the biggest problems is that the whole procurement process is smooth.

So what’s the difference between digital purchasing? In Shangyue’s words, “using numbers and connections makes it easier for enterprises to purchase.”

The picture is from Shangyue science and technology official website

Specifically, what purchasing digitalization is doing is to embrace the process, and complete the purchasing experience by letting users go through the process without feeling. Behind this “senseless” purchasing experience, what is shown is the “fast step” of digital purchasing: efficient deployment and fast operation of business process. In order to achieve these two points, Shangyue not only continuously optimizes its products, but also focuses on polishing services to improve its delivery capacity

SaaS delivery mode helps agile “go online”. Within one week, Shangyue will provide customers with services based on standard products without system docking, and ensure delivery through remote based configuration, training based implementation and key nodes on site; Within three weeks, Shangyue will help customers deliver services through full standard solution and standard documents, and the delivery mode is 20 days on site + remote configuration development of full standard interface; To meet the needs of customized customers, Shangyue will provide exclusive process adaptation solutions according to customer requirements, deliver the whole process on site, and provide Shangyue operation services.

High quality procurement and operation services for customers to “use up” escort. Shangyue operation service, which is composed of five aspects: mall operation, category operation, user operation, data operation and procurement operation, will help customers build procurement operation capacity through the whole process, and then promote the upgrading of procurement organization from management and control type to service type, so as to ensure the maximum value embodiment of enterprise’s procurement digital construction.

The picture is from Shangyue science and technology official website

In addition, Shangyue has set up a “Central solution team” (CST) composed of experts to provide professional guidance services for customers’ digital procurement projects. 20 experts with more than 10 years of industry experience guide customers to realize the best solution in digital procurement and experience full link service.

Mo Zuo, vice president of Shangyue technology and general manager of customer success department, said: “based on a lot of practice precipitation, we will continue to provide better standardized services for customers.” Nowadays, with the support of SaaS delivery mode, procurement operation service, CST expert tiantuan, lip low code interface integration platform and other capabilities, Shangyue dual engine will fully serve customers’ procurement digitalization.

“Standardization in hand, I have everything in the world”

“Compared with other manufacturers, Shangyue’s biggest difference is that it divides the product based services into several detailed business designs, standardizes the scattered and scenario based business designs, and ensures high-quality delivery services.” Miao Feng told

In terms of “standardization”, Shangyue has formed its own competitiveness

First of all, in the field of non production procurement, on the one hand, the degree of standardization is high; On the other hand, customers’ demand for data confidentiality is low and organization acceptance is higher. In this way, Shangyue digital procurement has the possibility to enter the vision of target customer groups.

Secondly, standardization is easier to promote cross industry products to meet more applications. Since the start-up, Shangyue has attached great importance to customer needs. The team has accumulated a large number of purchase scenarios, i.e. know-how, to deposit customer needs in every line of product code, so as to promote products to face the future and services to face the future.

At the same time, in the service practice of more and more businesses, SaaS mode deployment with standardized nature has been recognized by 80% of customers, and is greatly helping customers to achieve the goal of cost reduction and efficiency. According to customer statistics, in the use of Shangyue digital procurement services, only 10% of the purchase amount needs to be put into Shangyue digital procurement, which can achieve 20 times cost-effectiveness in the same year.

“SaaS is bound to be the trend of the future.” Miao Feng said that this kind of cognition is firmer than in the early stage of entrepreneurship.

According to the survey of habi research, digital purchasing is becoming the fastest growing segment of SaaS market, and will become the star of SaaS market in 2021.

In 2021, the digital purchasing market has entered the growth stage from the introduction stage. According to Miao Feng, Shangyue focuses on helping enterprises restructure their supply chain with their core suppliers, accelerate digital upgrading, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Up to now, Shangyue technology has served more than 50 customers, including shell, Great Wall Motor, Jiuyang, oppo, FAW, Dajiang, Sany Heavy Industry, zhejiaotou, Porsche, Mindray medical, AIA, Huaihe energy, bull group, wanyiyun, etc. Facing the future, Shangyue has a clear positioning for itself“ In the medium and long term, we are more steadfast in making products to help more customers create sustainable value. “

Shangyue has always adhered to the annual subscription system. Miao Feng said, “this requires high customer stickiness to a large extent, but we firmly believe that we should uphold the long-term principle and not overdraw the future. Only in this way can we continuously improve our products and services, get close to our customers and improve our service ability. “

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