Why did Xiaomi release its car making plan in advance? Official: hope to get better global resources

Driving China’s news on April 23, 2021, compared with the cover up of Xiaomi’s car making project, it is still difficult for netizens to “calm down”. It will be three years before Xiaomi can meet the public. We are still more than 1000 days and nights away from the legendary young man’s first car, which eventually triggered unlimited imagination.


The news of Xiaomi’s accidental car building has attracted attention, but it has also aroused doubts and made people think, what is the reason? Wang Xiang, President of rice group, also gave the answer. It is understood that on April 22, at the second win global managers forum and the fifth anniversary of guests, Wang Xiang, President of Xiaomi group, said that Xiaomi decided to join the field of electric vehicles by relying on the ability of stable growth of business with aiot and the ability of internal resources.

It’s worth mentioning that Wang Xiang also officially disclosed to the outside world the reasons why Xiaomi made a move in advance for making cars, mainly considering two factors: first, there were a lot of rumors a while ago, and in order to make timely disclosure of information, he decided to make an official announcement; Second, we hope to get better global resources through early release and jointly develop Xiaomi automobile.

In fact, we all know that before the project of Xiaomi automobile was officially approved, the news of Xiaomi’s car building was frequently heard in the industry, and everyone had high expectations for Xiaomi’s car building. Unfortunately, every time this hot blood was poured out by Xiaomi, and Xiaomi even said that “any news about car building is false news”. The dramatic result was that the rumor finally became a fact.

Of course, facing the unparalleled innovation strength of Xiaomi, we can expect that Xiaomi will certainly make some unique products to fill the gap in the market, so as to meet the diversified needs of consumers. As for whether Xiaomi will come up with a decisive strategy in the automotive field – cost performance, it will obviously take time to give us the answer.



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