Zhang Songwen, Jiang Wu’s screen drama, iqiyi’s film “fight against the underworld · decisive battle” opens for pre-sale

On April 23, the film “fight against the underworld · decisive battle”, produced by iqiyi and CO produced by Xiamen Hengye Film Co., Ltd. and China Chang’an publishing media Co., Ltd., started pre-sale. The film will be released nationwide on May 1, 2021. As the first anti gangster and anti evil film on the domestic screen, “anti gangster · decisive battle” today released a special series of “dare to shoot and dare to act”. Jiang Wu and Zhang Songwen shout through the air. Their lines are full of tension, creating a famous scene of strong dialogue in the film. At the same time, there will be a poster dedicated to CGS China giant screen. At that time, the film will be shown on CGS China giant screen. The audience entering the cinema can feel the high-quality audio-visual experience brought by the super large screen in the full on-the-spot multi-dimensional sound effect experience, and enjoy the immersive viewing effect.

The film “anti underworld · decisive battle” is adapted from part of the real cases in the national anti underworld and anti evil special struggle. It is performed by a group of powerful actors. It reveals the dark side of the underworld and evil forces that the government and the people hate deeply in front of the public, and arouses the voice of the people and the country to stand together and launch the anti underworld and anti evil special struggle. The film pays homage to the anti underworld heroes with truth and restores the background of justice with details. It is the first film to launch the first shot of “anti underworld and evil” on the domestic screen, and also the first film and television work to show the cases handled by the central political and Legal Commission and the national anti underworld office.

张颂文姜武银幕飙戏 爱奇艺出品电影《扫黑·决战》开启预售

On April 21, after the announcement of the preview of the final battle against the underworld, many netizens said: “it’s a stunning large-scale restoration”, “I’m looking forward to seeing the preview. Black suits, black umbrellas, evil forces and anti-corruption. It’s not hard to see from the trailer that the standard of this film is still very good.” Today, the film “fight against the underworld · decisive battle” re released the “dare to shoot, dare to act” feature, once again enhance the “dare” pattern, truly restore the details of “fight against the underworld”. In the special exposure, county magistrate Cao Zhiyuan (Zhang Songwen) interprets “in ancient times, the local power is like the emperor”, threatens “dig out the dirtiest and darkest place in Weihe County for me”, and even makes an oath at the county Party committee meeting that “if I see one, I will catch one.”.

张颂文姜武银幕飙戏 爱奇艺出品电影《扫黑·决战》开启预售

”You eat meat, and the common people drink soup. ” This short and straightforward accusation against the “umbrella” of the black and evil forces is a positive line newly exposed in the “dare to shoot and dare to act” special. It is interpreted by song Yirui (Jiang Wu), the investigation leader, to bring out the shameful path of local corruption and collusion between officials and businessmen in reality and in the film. As a realistic film focusing on the theme of anti gangster, “anti gangster · decisive battle” explores the scale boundary of the realistic theme and directly attacks “the long night of the place”.

It is worth mentioning that in the special, Zhang Songwen even said to Jiang Wufang: “if I can’t catch your play, I won’t be an actor.” Zhang Songwen, who is active in recent years’ film and television works with exquisite acting skills, once won wide attention with his role as the director of Urban Construction Commission in “a cloud made of rain in the wind” and Zhu Yongping in “a secret corner”, and was praised as “walking acting textbook” by netizens. Jiang Wu, who has the most opponents in the film with Zhang Songwen, is good at the performance style of “coarse in detail”. This time, the two people’s strong combination, speaking with acting skills, staged a wonderful screen game.

张颂文姜武银幕飙戏 爱奇艺出品电影《扫黑·决战》开启预售

At the end of the three-year special struggle against underworld and evil, the film “the decisive battle against underworld” came into being, highlighting the results of the war and showing the audience a long night light. As a film with a dark background on May 1 this year, “fight against the underworld · decisive battle” shows the social reality, subverts the scale cognition, and praises the unremitting efforts of the anti underworld group to protect the safety of one side.

In addition to “fight against the underworld”, the “iqiyi produced film” is directed by Xu ang, starred by Feng Xiaogang and Chen Chong, and supervised by Ye rufen. The film “zhonggoubagong” (adapted from the original play of Shinto Jianren, “the story of the Duke”) will be released in the national cinema on December 31, 2021. The crime movie “the blade of hesitation”, starring Wang Qianyuan and starring Wang Jingchun, is expected to be released in cinemas nationwide this year. Directed by Huang Mingsheng and starred by Ren Xianqi, Ren Dahua, Fang Zhongxin, Tan Yaowen and Wu zhuoxi, the action crime movie “the edge Walker” is under shooting. In addition, “invisible guests” (Chinese version), based on the local “China Ping Pong”, “Hello, hero”, “Jedi pursuit”, highlighting the strength of human nature and humanistic feelings “in the prime of our life”, youth burning “Mensa’s Apprentice”, “the band’s summer” and other works are also being carefully created.



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